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Component Peel Strenght

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 16 20:53:42 EDT 2006 | davef

Here's the paper that Rob referenced above: http://quanterion.com/RIAC/Library/Library.asp?ArgVal=45118-030 It could be that International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics [ISHM] is now International Microelectronics And Packaging Society [IMAPS


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 10:52:16 EDT 2000 | Glenn Brash

We have officially launched our Sept 2000 Microelectronic Design program. Our students will be starting there internships in Sept 2001. We are now receiving applications for our May 2001 program. Should you be interested in offering internship or

Packing material, the right track ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 01:06:43 EDT 2002 | Steven Evers

Long term storage requires the right combination of properties. ESD anti-corrosion, archival, etc. We specialize in end-of-life storage and long term preservation of electronics and micro-electronics. Feel free to contact me and check out our new web

Tombstone defect

Electronics Forum | Fri May 16 20:55:05 EDT 2003 | jonfox

The term is still valid and used everyday by those in the die placement and "micro"-electronics world. MILS is too hard to understand at that level. Its just easier to say 10 microns than 0.3937 mils.

SMD process tutorial

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 08 06:44:24 EDT 2004 | davef

For a introduction to semiconuctor packaging, try: Introduction to Microelectronics Packaging; Tummala, RR; McGraw-Hill Education; 2001 [0071371699] For passive components, try: Passive Electronic Component Handbook; Harper, CA; McGraw-Hill Profess

Equipment for planar tech. process reseller

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 12 11:06:05 EDT 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good afternoon, I'm very sorry for commercial post, but... We are seeking for supplier of used equipment for planar technological process (equipment for producing of microelectronic chips) in the US. Please let me know if you know anyone. Thanks in

PCB Fab House

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 15:17:35 EDT 2008 | lakeside

Hi John, Check out Sierra Proto Express: http://www.protoexpress.com They have a microelectronics division that can do the 4 mil laser drill & they can get down to 1.25 mil space/trace. Hope they can help! Julie

Mydata My100 or Siemens D1?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 01:05:43 EST 2010 | wmeliane

Thanks for feedback. We already have 2 Datacon machines as we are mostly building microelectronics modules. The FC dies are pretty small and light. Bumps are

What were your top go-to sources for electronics information and learning in 2018

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 10:06:33 EST 2018 | davef

Electronic Connector Industry News Resources + Surface Finishing + Metal Finishing + Products Finishing + Interconnection World (Connector Specifier) Electronic Connector Associations + IEEE USA + International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (

Re: Dimensions of waffel trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 21:16:51 EST 2000 | Dave F

Expanding on Dason's suggestion ... 4 Waffle Tray Size 4a www.jedec.org/download/default.htm search for "registered microelectronic carrier". 4b JEDEC Publication 95, under the CO- and CS- standards. 4c Tray manufacturers [ie, Peak, Summit, Nepenthe

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