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Solder balling under passives

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 01:57:28 EDT 2016 | shriram

Hi guys, Problem: Mid chip solder balling. Component affected: 0603 caps only Defect is PCB specific (Meaning only one PCB is affected as the aperture is standard for that component). As a containment I'll give a home plate design for the compo

Solder balling under passives

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 09:16:24 EDT 2016 | markhoch

Hi Shriram, Are you saying that there is a trace running between the pads for this 0603 capacitor? If so, this design may be causing a gasketing issue between the stencil and the PCB. The uneven height prevents the stencil from sitting flat on the PC

Re: solder balling

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 09 04:16:25 EDT 2000 | Jarno Py�ri�

And little more... If you use chip components, then that 80% from pads is good stencils apertures size. But if you use fine pitch components, example QFP, then you can use apertures, 90% from pads. I hoping that you understand something abou

Re: solder balling

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 13:16:17 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Here is some thing that I wrote a while back on solder beading. First what is a Solder Bead? The term solder bead is used to differentiate it from solder balls. A solder bead is a solder ball but its location is normally constant unlike solder bal

Re: solder balling

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 07 10:22:13 EDT 2000 | genglish

Ramon, I have had experience in the problems you are witnessing. The problem can relate to a number of factors. Obviously the printing process is the first place to start your investigations, try looking at the stencil apertures for bleed under the

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 22:42:41 EDT 2001 | chip

In the past I have spoken to Multitronics sales reps and looked into the product line. I saw their equipment more suited for a smaller "mom and pop" type shop, I work for a mid size contract house and it wouldn't have come close to meeting my needs.

Missing componentafter chip placer.

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 07 14:51:36 EDT 2001 | Claude Couture

What kind/brand of machine are we talking about? Are the missing parts randomly distributed or are specific to a feeder/placement/pattern? Does your machine remember where to resume placement if you reset it in the middle of a pattern placement? We h

Re: Skewing chip components

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 11:49:29 EDT 2000 | Big H

Is it just like that "smart" golf ball - where you tell it, "stop!!! stop!!!" ....or "go further!" go further! So this smart solder, you can tell it "don't skip!! don't skew!!"

Skewing chip components

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 09:33:40 EDT 2000 | Sal

Guys Just completed a PI build. And for the first time found that some chip components are skewing. The board is approximately 8x8inches and is six layer double sided FR4. To minimise and eradicate solder balling all the chip components have been co

Re: Skewing chip components

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 12:06:10 EDT 2000 | Wolfgang Busko

Hi Sal, I assume your homeplates are designed with the peaks towards the componentcenter. I can imagine that due to placement inaccuracy not both sides sit in the same amount of paste and that wetting difficulties prevent same force factors for both

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