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Re: FR4 vs Polyamide

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 15 15:33:47 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| Any info on the pros and cons of FR4 or Polyamide ref the use of soldering PGAs would be helpful. ie. temp co-efficient diffs, baking, wave soldering, Convection reflow etc | I'm sure you know all the basic differences as Tg, X, Y, and Z expansi

IPC-J-STD vs IPC-A-610

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 22 04:52:31 EDT 2023 | shrikant_borkar

Here below clarification may help you I suggest you to refer IPC-AJ-820A Assembly and Joining Handbook for the entire information of applicable standards. IPC-J-STD (IPC-Joint Standard): IPC-J-STD is not a standalone standard; it refers to the serie


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