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Re: QFP "leg straightener"

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 10 14:45:11 EDT 1998 | Frank Johnson

Please check out the Beau Tech MilProbes. These are inexpensive tools that are very often used to correct bent QFP leads of any size. Thanks, Frank | Is a machine available to straighten QFP legs | Where? | How much? | Anygood?

Re: QFP rework tool

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 10:22:55 EDT 1998 | Frank Johnson

| Does anybody know of a tool to rework bent legs on a QFP package ? Ben, We have a complete line of MilProbes that are used to rework leads of any pitch size. Please take a look at our web site and request a free sample there. We are also a regula


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 09:10:31 EDT 1999 | Frank Johnson

Greg, We at Beau Tech make all size picks and probes for straightening leads and other repair/rework tasks. Sounds like you can use a 10-MilProbe for your job. Please visit the Beau Tech web site at the following address www.beautech.com or call u

Re: CCGA Column Repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 11:20:32 EDT 1998 | Frank Johnson

I don't know HOW to straighten them beyond using tweezers (which squish the columns) or a thin strait-edge (which is difficult to manipulate between the columns). Is there a machine that can do this? Or a special hand tool? Kris, We make special ha


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