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component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 21:12:10 EDT 2012 | davef

We're seen components sticking to adhesive that was slobbered on the inside of cover tape.

Luxeon rebel stick to tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 07:34:27 EDT 2010 | sibbe

Hi, We are having some serious issues with placing the Luxeon Rebels. The problem is caused by the components sticking to the tape. We don’t know what causes it, but I remember to have read something about components sticking to the tape on this For

component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 18:15:15 EDT 2012 | jil2000

We have a material that is been stick at cover tape, only 1 supplier is failing and only embossed tape packing is failing. A dark spots between tape and component are observed, we already bake material to se if is humidity, is not. We already apply

Luxeon rebel stick to tape

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 09:27:43 EDT 2010 | floydf

We have found that the lenses on the Rebels have are gooey and sticky. We put a little bit of WD40 on the shutter part that contacts the lens. Just a little bit. Basicly, put a drop on and try to wipe it all off with a paper towel is enough.

component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 18 23:03:07 EDT 2012 | eadthem

We have had this problem in the past, On paper tape resistors(old stock from before i took over and forced rotation on everything) and on embossed (national semi parts, strings of glue pulled back like seat belts across the pocket.) For the national

Mydata Agilis stick magazine

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 11:42:04 EDT 2008 | tech1

All vibes are crap, these things are just as good as tape now

JUKI SFN3 stick feeder specs

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 11:23:39 EDT 2022 | stephendo

I don't know Juki but I know stick feeding SO8 ICs. If you have a lot of them regularly then consider getting a tape and reel machine.

Component tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 15:44:20 EST 2016 | sssvajunas

Hello, after we finish project (mydata) we unload tape from feeder and place a stick on the edge of tape. Maybe somebody can help with alternatives to this? (plastic clips) becouse then unloaded tape is used for another project it is sticky

Plastic tape carrier blues.

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 05:10:57 EDT 2000 | Dougie

Hi, We use a mixture of plastic tape carriers and paper tape carriers for placing chip components. We are experiencing a problem which I know is a problem across the industry...when using the plastic carriers, the chip components stick to the tape c

tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 13:35:00 EDT 2001 | stepheno

I used to work with Chris. (neither of us are there anymore). What is he talking about is putting components into "pockets". The parts would come in, in sticks (tubes) but we wanted them in reels. At first we sent them out to be reeled, but that w

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