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how to make program in mirtec aoi

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 09 15:25:17 EDT 2015 | dev88

dear sir i am new for aoi section,my work will be teaching of aoi defect and related to programming, want to know how to make program easily in mirtec 4.1.1 and what are the different standard which we must understand.

part x-out from board when exit in mirtec offline pc.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 07:20:38 EST 2019 | dipak123

We have Mirtec MV-6 OMNI machine. If programer changes in part number ,then that part x-out from it's place.Value of X & Y incresed 10X compare to other parts in ATT.

Mirtec info

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 12:41:48 EST 2010 | rodrigo

What support options are there for someone that bought a used Mirtec AOI MV-2HTL? Thanks

Mirtec MV-7 Cam

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 08 00:45:45 EST 2011 | tzucury

I manually adjusted the hight..problem solved...MIRTEC Engineer said that this is the easiest way

Mirtec MV-3L

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 03 10:21:55 EDT 2012 | proceng1

Have you tried to have Mirtec help over the webchat connection?

Mirtec MV-7 Training

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 16:00:27 EDT 2017 | j07rdi

Looking for someone capable of giving onsite or remote training on the Mirtec MV-7.

AOI selection,specifically ViTechnology and Mirtec

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 13:36:55 EDT 2006 | kjeffries

I appreciate your comments regarding the programmability of the Mirtec. What type of SMT machine do you use? How easy have you found it to transfer the SMT profiles to the Mirtec? How do you rate the Mirtec in handling top/bottom, multi-panel asse

what AOI buy?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 13:52:10 EDT 2011 | dontfeedphils

I'm going to suggest Mirtec. I've worked with many different manufacturers of AOI's (Cyberoptics, Mirtec, Omron, and Yestech) and if I could recommend one AOI for sure it would be the Cyberoptics above all. But when asking between the Yestech and


Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 09:05:11 EST 2004 | RB

Technicly Marantz and the Mirtec are almost the same. But the software of Mirtec is easier to use and has some extra's. We had both and choose for the Mirtec.

A.O.I recommendation

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 04:42:21 EDT 2005 | RB

We do have experience whit the Mirtec. We have a Viscome and a Mirtec. We are very satisfied over the Mirtec.

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