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part x-out from board when exit in mirtec offline pc.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 07:20:38 EST 2019 | dipak123

We have Mirtec MV-6 OMNI machine. If programer changes in part number ,then that part x-out from it's place.Value of X & Y incresed 10X compare to other parts in ATT.

Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 02:29:38 EDT 2017 | cpcompany

Dear All. My name is Casey Park from Starworks Korea. These days we purchased pre-owned Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI from a customer site and have it fully refurbished and upgraded by Mirtec HQ. If anyone has a plan to invest 3D AOI or upgrade old 2D

Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 03:24:27 EDT 2017 | pavel_murtishev

Hello, Please e-mail me details. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Pavel Murtishchev

Can anyone tell me that between Mirtek & Kohyoung which AOI machine will be better and why?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 16 22:34:24 EST 2015 | anvil1021

WEll unfortunately I know the answer to your dilemma all too well and I will make it easy for you. The Koh Young takes a miracle to program and the Mirtec has a superior software and 3D system when you have the MV9 system. Just to day I was measuring

Can anyone tell me that between Mirtek & Kohyoung which AOI machine will be better and why?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 12:58:11 EST 2015 | anvil1021

The MV-7 OMNI is a Great Machine, has the same 3D Solution MV-9 Quad Moire Multi Frequency System. You will not be disappointed, you will find new ways to use the 3D system as time goes on and it is rock stable and incredibly precise. Either the MV-

Mirtec MV-7 Training

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 16:00:27 EDT 2017 | j07rdi

Looking for someone capable of giving onsite or remote training on the Mirtec MV-7.


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 14:13:48 EDT 2008 | andrew_11

Hello Dominik, I recently ended up purchasing a MIRTEC MV-3 AOI System. In looking at different manufacturers I realized that there were two philosophies to inspecting boards, Image based and Rules Based. When I explored both technologies I found ou

Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 28 10:12:55 EDT 2017 | clampron

Hello M, I have been a Mirtec user for quite few years (not dating myself). I had started with the MV-2 system and sequentially upgraded to the MV-3 and now the MV-6 Omni. We had tremendous luck with the MV-3 from a programming and defect detection

Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI English Manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 16:10:47 EDT 2021 | tluong

Hello everyone, I'm just got a used Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI I'm looking for manual of Mirtec-MV-7U, anyone don't mind email me a copy manual please? Thanks

Mirtec info

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 12:41:48 EST 2010 | rodrigo

What support options are there for someone that bought a used Mirtec AOI MV-2HTL? Thanks

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