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Mirtec MV-7 Training

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 16:00:27 EDT 2017 | j07rdi

Looking for someone capable of giving onsite or remote training on the Mirtec MV-7.

Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI English Manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 16:10:47 EDT 2021 | tluong

Hello everyone, I'm just got a used Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI I'm looking for manual of Mirtec-MV-7U, anyone don't mind email me a copy manual please? Thanks

MIRTEC MV-7 OMNI 3D-AOI Operation Manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 04 01:35:01 EDT 2023 | sophyluo1985

SMT friends, I need your help. Does anyone have the MIRTEC MV-7 OMNI 3D-AOI operation manual? Please send me a copy to quinnsmt@gmail.com. thank you all

Mirtec MV-7 Cam

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 08 00:45:45 EST 2011 | tzucury

I manually adjusted the hight..problem solved...MIRTEC Engineer said that this is the easiest way

Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI English Manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 22:46:07 EDT 2022 | smtusa

Can I get a copy?

Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI English Manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 23:36:36 EDT 2022 | glasscake

Could I as well? Thanks

Mirtec MV7 Slow Inspection Fixed

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 17:25:12 EDT 2022 | glasscake

I was having issues with a Mirtec MV7-U being very slow on inspection and having odd issues with graphic displays in software. Fixed it by defragging the hard drive. something like 80% of the hard drive was fragmented. Going to clone the hard drive

Mirtec-MV-7U-In-Line-AOI English Manual

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 12 14:27:22 EST 2022 | micropak

Hope you might have found the manual. But just in case you didn't, I have the English manual for MV-3/MV-7

Landrex Optima II AOI

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 26 09:24:17 EDT 2008 | tony_d

Hello Reese, You may want to check out MIRTEC's MV-7 machine. It is simple to use, like your YESTech M1 (we looked at YESTech before selecting MIRTEC). But unlike the M1, the MIRTEC MV-7 has five 2 meg cameras, and a laser inspection option as wel

Mirtec MV-7L lifted lead detection

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 17:02:07 EDT 2011 | grasso1976

Has anyone had success utilizing the lifted lead/ height checker feature on a Mirtec MV-7L. We recently had two separate events where the machine did not detect a lifted lead using the ic/bridge inspector. The soldering results came back with out def

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