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SN100e Alloy A Lead-Free Silver Free Option

SN100e Alloy A Lead-Free Silver Free Option

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This unique patented alloy has been developed as a lead free alternative for those now using costly SAC alloys and for those switching from lead containing Sn63/Pb37 alloys to the lead free process. SN100e is manufactured from tin, copper, and cobalt

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solder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 09:00:46 EDT 2006 | russ

Studies showed that there are no issues mixing SN100C and SAC305, I believe that AIM has this info. Russ

SAC 305 Reflow & SN100C Wave and Selective

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 10:48:34 EST 2007 | ck_the_flip

Is there anybody out there doing this scenario: SAC 305 Reflow & SN100C Wave and Selective Can the 2 alloys be mixed on 1 board, say, SAC 305 for SMT, and SN100C for thru-hole? Are 2 different rework chemistries needed, or can one use SN100c wire

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Nihon Superior Solves Industry Challenges with New Solder Pastes – Visit Booth #532 at SMTAI

Industry News | 2017-08-15 21:23:51.0

Nihon Superior will exhibit in Booth #532 at SMTA International, scheduled to take place Sept. 19-20, 2017 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. The reliability of the company’s SN100C lead-free alloy has been proven in a wide range of electronics assembly products. The eutectic character of the silver-free SN100C alloy and the associated high fluidity provides faster wetting and increased spreadability over SAC305, which is beneficial in wave soldering and hand soldering applications as well as in reflow.

Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

Nihon Superior Shanghai to Exhibit at NEPCON China 2012 Implementing Lead-Free Soldering with Cost Reduction and Reliability

Industry News | 2012-03-28 15:59:44.0

Nihon Superior Shanghai Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. will showcase a new and expanded range of products based on its SN100C® silver-free, lead-free solder at the upcoming NEPCON China 2012 exhibition in Shanghai.

Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

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Reliability of Reworked QFNs

Technical Library | 2014-09-11 11:43:48.0

In this DOD study the reliability of reworked QFNs is studied with the outcome being that a stay in place stencil does not impact the reliability of a QFN reworked using this technique


Creating Solder Joint Reliability with SnCu Based Solders Some Practical Experiences

Technical Library | 2009-01-15 00:42:58.0

Tin-silver-copper has received much publicity in recent years as the lead-free solder of choice. SAC305 was endorsed by the IPC Solder Value Product Council in the United States as the preferred option for SMT assembly; most assemblers have transitioned to this alloy for their solder paste requirements. The SAC305 alloy due to its 3.0% content of silver is expensive when compared to traditional 63/37 for this reason many wave assemblers are opting for less costly options such as tin-copper based solders for their wave, selective and dip tinning operations.


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High Reliability Lead-free Solder SN100C(Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge)

High Reliability Lead-free Solder SN100C(Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge) High Reliability Lead-free Solder SN100C(Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge) While the situation varies from country to country, nearly one year after the EU RoHS Directive came into force

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