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SMT process Blowhole/ Pinhole

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 29 01:59:09 EST 2003 | iman

Yep, only the MLF have this blowhole/pinhole issue. Other components like SOT(transistor), CAP, RES are hey-o-kie. Btw, MLF = micro lead frame (IC/LGA) package. looks like a BGA without the solder balls. has direct attachment to the PCB ENIG pads wi

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 01:01:33 EDT 2007 | Haris

And check also your component company,sometimes component quality varies with the change of the company.

ive solder profiles

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 02 15:40:58 EDT 2008 | bvdl

use the 2009MLF from Interflux it will take away your solder balls. this is a known issue.

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 07:48:58 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Hi Chris, So you run eror free for 2 years, then change stencil aps and get problems. Why would you go smaller? Try using your old stencil with your no-lead.

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 03:20:57 EDT 2007 | bart.lozie@page.be

Hello, why focuss only on the printer and the paste, maybe the problem isn't there, maybe the problem is in the oven, is the component a havy one? because leadfree solder can't lift as mutch as a leadcontaining solder. regards Bart


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 13:30:45 EDT 2008 | flipit

I use Namics 8437-2 for micro BGA and flip chips. Will work for QFN or MLF after soldering. Flows well under gaps as thin as 0.001". Cure in 5-10 min at 150 C. Rock solid product. Is bit expensive. Is from Japan.

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 10:43:57 EDT 2007 | flipit

Hi, Anyone seeing difficulty is soldering MLFs or QFN with lead free solder? I have an MLF with 3 rows of pads on each of the 4 sides of the part and then the large center ground plane in the middle. The part is 20 mil pitch. Had good luck with l

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 14:53:19 EDT 2007 | flipit

Hi, We were running with few defects with lead solder paste. The lead solder paste with stencil 0.010" X 0.020" and 0.004" thick stencil produced near defect free PCB assys. 0.010" X 0.020" (0.004" thick) lead = defect free 0.010" X 0.020" (0.005"

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 16:48:27 EDT 2007 | ratsalad

How wide are your pads? What paste are you using? What is your board finish? Could you please post a link to the datasheet for the component? We place a lot of MLFs, both in a Pb and Pb-free process. Our standard stencil design for MLF compon


Electronics Forum | Mon May 20 20:58:01 EDT 2002 | ianchan

xzinxzin, de' process engineer, Hi mate, am just making a wild guess, are you asking all this abt a certain MAXIM 3286/3296 MLF package that goes into a fibre optics produce, and is a product that numerous persons in this market are practically kno

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