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Anyone facing QFN package crack problem ?

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 02 20:02:23 EST 2007 | chs

Hi, There are QFN 32,40,48 pins with middle pad. Body size are 7x7 and pitch 0.5mm. I means as compared to 2 sided package, QFN are easily damaged by external mechanical / thermal force. Phenomenon observed are mold cap open which further caused wire

Back Pressure Effect

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 08:39:39 EDT 2011 | ianjames

How to compensate the back pressure effect that affect the wire of SMT molded package? The wire looks like snake and we call-it snake wire. It only happen near the stitch.

Soldering the Kingston BGA eMMC32G-W525

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 03:07:20 EDT 2018 | robl

Doesn't look like it would be deliberately high temp for it's functionality or package type, unless it was accidental on a batch at the packaging plant. To get the datasheet you have to either go through the "request Info" on https://www.kingston.co

Cleaning procedure when WS609 flux is used

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 18:19:38 EST 2008 | arun2382

Is normal DI rinse cycle enough to wash away all residue after SMT assembly of high density substrate? This substrate would later be over molded to form MCM module package and I am seeing delamination in high density areas of the substrate at MSL3

Laser soldering LED's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 09:31:53 EST 2008 | flipit

I solder LEDs everyday from 0402 sizes on up. I work for an optical company so every product I make has LEDs. Some products have hundreds of LEDs per circuit. The problem is that clear materials are not filled materials and thus don't have the adv

Buried Capacitance In PWB

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 15:56:20 EDT 1999 | david dougherty

Hadco offers a technology of building in a "buried" capacitance layer (& other embedded passives) in organic PWBs (FR4 for example). see http://www.hadco.com/prod03.htm and a design manual is posted here: http://www.hadco.com/pdfs/bcguide.pdf I am c

ODB++ gerber export

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 12:07:10 EDT 2020 | griinder

Does anyone have a suggested software for exporting Gerber layers from ODB++ file packages? I have the Valor Free ODB viewer, and love all the information embedded in it. Unfortunately I am not able to work with any of the layers. Circuitcam imports

Re: Drying ICs any advice

Electronics Forum | Sun May 17 13:46:30 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Hi All! I've been reading this conversation which prompted me to break out the IPC-SM-786A from the IPC manuals from our parent company in Maryland sent us (we're just starting up in California). It's the Procedures for Characterizing and Handling of


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 18 13:07:50 EST 2014 | kevinb

I have worked with Epoxy Technology in the past with silver epoxy. Just to fill you in on what I have been doing with this project in the past. I was using a silver epoxy for my 0201s. I then over molded with an epoxy with a dam and fill. Then th

Re: Popcorn effect with PBGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 09:45:45 EDT 2000 | emmanuel

Hi Kc, As recommended by the PBGA supplier, the temperature of the package surface should not exceed 225�C during 10 seconds max so as to avoid popcorn effect. Given that some of products reflow profils are specifiing reflow temperature at 250�C,

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