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PB-Free HASL and Leaded Solder

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 09:52:34 EDT 2021 | winston_one

Want to update this question a little, I know it appears few years ago, but I hope there is some updates... We have to assembly few samples of motherboards with this kind of finish (customer mistake during pcb order). Normally we can use leaded sold

Who knows SM411 MMI problem (Initializing machine I/F) and How to troubleshoot?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 02:17:58 EDT 2016 | cspasol

Thanks Mr. Darby, We already Check All connections of I/F Boards, Restore OS, Change Motherboards and Install Backup for SmartSM files and Install new MMI (SmartSM files). But still same Problem. I have one possible cause in my mind is its MVME3100


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