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cp4 motor

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 13:31:32 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

If you have a broken motor, try these guys. I have had them repair motors in the past. They are fast. http://www.servorepair.com/

Cutter motor

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 15:09:24 EST 2008 | soudomphong

Anybody have any idea where to get the cutter motor for siplace 80-S20 with reasonable price? I am also looking for S20 head board, and a Y-axis motor. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Omniflo motor

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 04:32:07 EST 2005 | Hannu

Hi all We have an Omniflo 5 (-97 vintage) with pin chain conveyor. Lately the chain drive motor has started to emit some chirping noises, as if there were a bearing running dry or something. Is there some kind of maintenance schedule specified for t

cp4 motor

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 12:32:01 EST 2005 | mike

contact yaskawa and they can find you one

cp4 motor

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 15 06:25:09 EST 2005 | mhe

thanks for the prompt support! best rgds deepak

Omniflo motor

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 06:21:44 EST 2005 | pjc

Why don't you ask the mfr.'s tech support ? http://www.speedlinetech.com

Omniflo motor

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 11:08:34 EST 2005 | Slow Ride

It's your brushes. Had the same thing happen not too long ago. Also, fill that gear box.

Cutter motor

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 15:11:56 EST 2008 | dphilbrick

Contact me @ sales@worldeb.com

Omniflo motor

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 09:58:59 EST 2005 | Marc

The gears should be wet. This gear box acts like a rear end axle. Not sure of the lubricant but it is like a red transission lube, comes in as complete unit from supplier. You can't get the lube from Speedline since it is sold as a complete unit.

cp4 motor

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 28 01:01:45 EST 2004 | mhe

Hi, where could i get a used CP4 D axis servomotor? thanks in advance. rgds deepak

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