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Mydata Lift motor 2 amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 15 10:21:30 EDT 2015 | azdback

troubleshooting a table lift error on MY12. Error code: F-MOT_Releaseboard conveyor lift/1304. Basically, the table got stuck on the up position. Also bench tested both lift motors and they are ok.Rotated the lift motors manually to test the encoder

my12 motor amplifier channel a error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 13:01:04 EST 2014 | tech1

Back when the Linear Y wagons first came out Mydata had problem with the original Y amplifier and were swapping out the complete box for customers who had problems. There was also a problem with the encoder that resulted in the same type of errors yo

my12 motor amplifier channel a error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 18:41:22 EST 2014 | alphatronique

Hi did you look for mechanical issue like friction somewhere ? when init i use very low force buy much more while running that may explain wly machine work in production fur fail only on init i face that whit flex cable that make just little fr

my12 motor amplifier channel a error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 03:33:42 EST 2014 | hans88

hello people, we have a my12 wich has a problem it gives the following error during hardware initialization: F-MOT-MSETDYN Y/1236 :Motor amplifier channel a error. after this error it says hardware initialization failed. this prevents us of using

my12 motor amplifier channel a error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 15:33:57 EST 2014 | hans88

Hello Rob, Thanks for your fast reply. I will check the parts you mentioned. You were right about the mot card we swaped it with a new one but that made no difference. Today we tried to find were the problem could be we: - removed the j1, j2 and

my12 motor amplifier channel a error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 11:32:52 EST 2014 | rgduval

Hi, Hans, I would have suggested swapping the MOT card out to see if that fixes the issue (or, changing the MOT card with another one to isolate the card), but, it sounds like you've already done that. I'm surprised that MyData would point you towa

amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 07 09:18:07 EDT 2011 | jjcarver

amplifiere error states, Amplifier setup error, programming during startup failed.. Cannot get machine to initiate anyone have this problem?? machine is a MYDATA19e

MYDATA MY15E:F-MOT-MSETDYN conveyor transport/1250: amplifier DC-link too high

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 00:08:31 EDT 2019 | mk15

hank you for the tips. MOT boards have already changed. The sensor on the conveyor responds. In service mode, the WIDTH MOTOR - OK, HOLD MOTOR - OK, SET CONVEYOR - OK, only error TRANSPORT - F-MOT-MSETDYN conveyor transport / 1250: amplifier DC-link

QUAD 4C motor error #5

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 29 05:01:38 EDT 2013 | bobpan

Motor Error 5 is usually an interlock error. Take off the rear right cover and look at the red and green led's on the driver cards. If they are both lit....you have a door open or if you have carts....a feeder base switch is up. Good Luck

QUAD 4C motor error #5

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 10:35:54 EDT 2013 | nophsem

Data base Utilities --> Download MOD Codes to assembler) and the motor error # 5 appeared instantly in the handheld.

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