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BTU VIP speed configuration

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 09:56:57 EDT 2021 | richardcargill

Update - Solved On talking with BTU they mentioned that if the conveyor is always running full speed then cleaning out the motor brush area with compressed air will cure it. I'm guessing that the carbon dust had encroached onto the encoder. A good b

DEK 248 cant control speed of squeegee

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 27 16:47:35 EST 2021 | petter

Looks like it was the diode inside the encoder. Are getting a new printer instead. Did a short time fix, connected a power supply to the motor and controlled the speed that way.

Philips Topaz - conveyor motor doesn't work

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 11:12:18 EDT 2015 | zombee

Problem is solved! There wasn't voltage on motor inputs (only 5-10V AC) when the motor connected correctly, but was ~210V AC without motor. Firstly, I exchanged the motor speed control relay (Panasonic G-series type), but the result was same. (the a

Loud humming noice from X-Wagon motor

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 29 12:53:34 EDT 2011 | dontfeedphils

We had the same motor problem with our My12, whenever we would get the sound we would go through and slow down X accel speed in any packages and the placement accuracy as well. After doing this for quite a while we finally tried updating the motor c

Dek 249 loosing print speed setting after a few passes

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 22:22:50 EDT 2005 | Ken

Hey, Peter. back in the mid 90's I reversed engineered their drive system because of a dispute over print speed malfunctions. I prooved correct that they had made published claims about their drive topology that were not true. They agreed to redes

motor control algorithm for pick & place machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 17:34:10 EST 2004 | pdeuel

Differant machines have differant types of control. smoe use pulse motors with encoders and are controlled by PMD pulse motor drivers. Most of these will have parameters to determine things such as fast over shoot, speed for certian tools and varati

Pulse Driven Variable Power

Electronics Forum | Sat May 29 02:26:14 EDT 2010 | vinitverma

If you want to vary the voltage to control the motor speed, then this is not the correct way. Though you can use LM317 for reducing the votage (using a 5K potentiometer) which will sure reduce the speed but it'll reduce the torque tremendously. For D

MYDATA MY15E F-MOT-MOVE X/250 problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 22 00:09:29 EST 2019 | mk15

I am looking for some help for where to look to fix this MY15E problem. 1. after hardware initiation appear - F-MOT-MOVE X/250: Motor speed out of control (photo1). 2. in service mode when x motor initiate appear - F-MOT-MSETDYN X/12: No axis movemen


Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 04 23:34:34 EST 2017 | jineshjpr

Dear Sir, Sanyo Denki Bi-Polar motor rarely rotates with actual speed while Picking up the component, Otherwise Stepper motor rotates with very slow moving speed by creating noise and same speed variation repeats while Placing the component. After co

Solder Ball Attach (BGA)

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 01:47:46 EDT 2018 | netvicher123

The followings may be the factors from your description: 1. chain speed and motor speed? 2. is the tin content even? (more or less on one side, or thickness of steel mesh, size of opening) 3. Is there any exception in the pin? 4. is there any level

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