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MANEX ERP or DBA Manufacturing - any user comments?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 18:16:19 EDT 2007 | allgood

Rob Thats really helpful, thanks. You are right in that I am looking at both ends of the spectrum, Manex is to be honest a lot for us to consider but if it really would do the job we could stretch that far. We bought CircuitCam from Aegis years ag

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 05:36:28 EDT 2004 | Grant

Hi, Thanks for the info, and I had not considered some of these points. Is the CP-842 available? I have not seen any info on it? Regards, Grant

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ACI Technologies, Inc

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). This will be used later to determine if any damage resulted from the delidding process. The delidding procedure was performed with a pair of sharp, heated razors

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PCB Libraries Forum : Creating a Centroid /CPL file- Bottom side data

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. The IPC-SM-782 was around for 18 years with Pin 1 Lower Left. One person (Jamie Smith) who never attended any Land Pattern meetings or any IPC development meetings attended the 2004 IPC APEX meeting and he questioned the Pin 1 Zero Component Orientation should be changed to the Upper

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