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MPM AP Excel

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 10:22:02 EDT 2012 | dontfeedphils

Looking for any input from those who may have used MPM's AP Excel model. How does it compare to printers you've used before? I've used Dek 256, and 03i machines as well as a couple of Accuflex models in the past, but never the Excel model. Thanks

MPM Ultraprint 2000 Series

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 00:03:24 EST 2006 | rbodmer

i no longer work with mpm machine's but mpm has excelent tech service and there manuals have all error codes listed. www.speedlinetechnologies.com

Re: Screen printer, MPM or DEK

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 14:42:27 EST 2000 | Dean

I currently use MPM 500, Ultraprint 2000 and Ultraprint 3050 and SPM-AV (10 or so total MPM printers). I have several DEKs but I am just not compelled to associate my name with... I would stake my reputation on my MPM class printers. They have se

Re: Quad

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 10:03:51 EST 1998 | Jim Mitchell

Be very careful with rumors. MPM has bought SM-Tech. Quad and MPM now enjoy an excellent working relationship, but this is in the screen printer market not Quad's core SMT Assembly business.

MPM Manual

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 17:22:21 EDT 2011 | jorge_quijano

Hello, does anyone can help whith MPM AP Excel spare parts manual, I'm looking for Wiper system parts. Thanks!

Quad printer from MPM

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 06:47:53 EDT 1998 | Jim McCarten

I have looked at the AVX-500 printer that is now sold by MPM and Quad. It looks like an excellent product. Especially the auto-tooking feature. I understand that it was made by Quad. The foot print is much smaller than the older MPM and DEK produ

Search a program on MPM Momentum

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 20:56:07 EDT 2023 | stephendo

And you can download a barcode font. If you have a list in Excel, you can put an asterisk in front of what you want the barcode to say and one after. Then switch to the barcode font. I've seen it used with a mailing list in Excel to make labels for

Choosing a printer...

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 03 09:50:18 EDT 2023 | poly

I've got an old MPM Acella that I got very used. It had a few problems due to its age and being beaten up a bit but it's an excellent machine and after a bit of love and attention is working very well. Mpm / itw eae were very helpful with getting m

Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 18 20:07:38 EST 2003 | alwil

Hi Grant, I have experience with both MPM and DEK and can say both are excellent. I am currently using a number of DEK 265's and have received good support from Vema. Remember, you only get what you pay for. Cheers.

MPM Accuflex, Lost Vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 11:05:44 EDT 2015 | capse

An excellent example of a technical answer from sales verses service! At least I started him in the correct direction.

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