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Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 22:15:34 EDT 2007 | seb1970

Does anyone know where i can purchase a frame/stencil adapter for the MPM manual stenciler in Ohio? Preferably a air adapter. And also spare parts? Thank you for your help.

mpm UP2000 or mpm AP-25

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 11:42:19 EDT 2012 | comatose

I have an ap-25 and wish i had gotten the UP-2000 instead. How's that for an answer? The main difference is that the ap-25 uses linear motors and air bearings, whereas the up-2000 uses ball screws. The linear motors are faster, but the whole thing i

Camera not parked error on mpm ap 25.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 23:52:58 EDT 2017 | aemery

Don, either you have a faulty park sensor or much more likely the vision gantry Y axis is not reaching the sensor. Possible issues, one of the two VY drivers cards is failing; one of the VY forcer motors (air bearings) is failing; to much air leakin


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 16:42:05 EDT 2020 | babe7362000

Does anyone have Page 6 and 7 of the MPM SPM manual? I am currently having issues with low air pressure that pushes the table in. I get good air that pushes the table to the entrance, but I do not get good air pressure that pushes the table in. I

MPM AP25 Squeege Pressure not Set

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 16:57:47 EDT 2007 | chrisgriffin

Harry is right. Too much moisture in the air lines screws up the air cards. These pro-heads are somewhat of a pain to calibrate. I think it is a little pre-mature to say you probably need pneumatic cards. You just need to calibrate the pro-head.

Used auto printer; any to avoid?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 10 15:56:04 EDT 2016 | comatose

A UP2000 is a great choice. I'd avoid the AP family from MPM. It's not that they're bad, per se, but the air bearings make it fiddly, maintenance intensive and a giant air hog, and you don't need the speed.

Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 09:59:21 EST 2006 | realchunks

Well, there you have it. When deciding between MPM or DEK, you should choose..... Ekra! Wow, um, thanks for clearing the air on that one Tyrone.

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 03 07:57:27 EST 2002 | pjc

Price of DEK 248 and MPM UP100 are about the same, $22-36K range. MPM UP100 has programmable squeegee pressure. Precise, repeatable results with less operator involvement. Pressure parameters saved in board program file. DEK 248 has manual microm

Mpm AP-B linear motor question

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 25 11:16:35 EDT 2020 | richardcargill

Currently working through a myriad of air leaks on an old MPM Ap -b and have a question that hopefully one of you fine people may know the answer to. The camera vx and vy use linear rail motors. As far as I can tell, there are nozzles between the sur

MPM screen printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 15:21:45 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

Does it need shop air? Are there any moving axes that are at their limit? Any messages on the monitor?

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