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Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 22:15:34 EDT 2007 | seb1970

Does anyone know where i can purchase a frame/stencil adapter for the MPM manual stenciler in Ohio? Preferably a air adapter. And also spare parts? Thank you for your help.

mpm UP2000 or mpm AP-25

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 11:42:19 EDT 2012 | comatose

I have an ap-25 and wish i had gotten the UP-2000 instead. How's that for an answer? The main difference is that the ap-25 uses linear motors and air bearings, whereas the up-2000 uses ball screws. The linear motors are faster, but the whole thing i

Camera not parked error on mpm ap 25.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 23:52:58 EDT 2017 | aemery

Don, either you have a faulty park sensor or much more likely the vision gantry Y axis is not reaching the sensor. Possible issues, one of the two VY drivers cards is failing; one of the VY forcer motors (air bearings) is failing; to much air leakin

MPM AP/A Screnn Printer - Dispense Pinch Disable

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 15:41:47 EDT 2013 | aemery

Mr Duckmann2000. Where is the leak??? Is it up on the dispenser behind the printhead? If so the simpliest thing to do, assuming you are not using the dispenser, is to cut the incoiming air tubing to the dispense pinch, fold it over and ty-wrap it.

MPM HiE E00900 Fault

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 15:51:02 EST 2016 | aemery

SP1 is a bi-metal spring loaded switch or the "air fault" switch on the main air manifold that detects the presence of an appreciate amount of air being supplied to the machine. Air pressure overcomes the adjustable spring and closes the contacts.

Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 16:45:19 EDT 2006 | realchunks

Wow, I'd have to say the exact opposite. Compared to MPM the DEKs were WAY longer to program. But find out for yourself CN. Program each and get back to us. Don't forget to program in 2D as well. That will be the kicker! As for spending money,

FLexJet pickup problems

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 16:20:54 EDT 2011 | wrongway

hello Baez check the air line from spindle to the manifold make sure theres no small hole in it. some times with the spindle moveing up and down it may leak worse in some positions than others

Help! Samsung CP45 and CP63 Problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 07:47:42 EDT 2005 | Comp tech.

Sean, I just installed a whole new comp room in our facility. 1, By kick off do you mean the comp goes into an idle mode,or shut down completely? If it just goes into an idle mode, this may be caused by your supply manifold being to small in diameter

BGA rework profile help

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 13:38:15 EDT 2001 | Michael Parker

To expand on Wolfgangs reply, I suggest you contact your local SRT rep. We recently had the same type of problem as yourself. This is the path we followed. Arrange for operator training, for yourself first, then the operators after you get the machi

SMT line cable management

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 10:18:34 EST 2017 | swag

Our entire shop floor has a hanging uni-strut grid ceiling approx. 10 feet up. The actual ceiling of the building is probably 16 ft. max ceiling with pitch. We run all air lines and power on it. The uni-strut is hung by all-thread rods. Sounds co

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