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Re: Two AP-20 questions

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 16:42:48 EDT 1999 | Scott S. Snider

| After lots of years with Panasert machines, I am starting to need to learn again. | 1. For the AP-20 can you retrofit 3D vision? Would you bother? | 2. Also for the AP, can you use 20x20 DEK screens with an adapter? | | Thanks to all you MPM expe

MPM AP25, separation problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 13:24:09 EST 2005 | valuems

Hello Sorry we have not answered sooner, been gone. There is a height adjustment on the wiper. You will find a round nob under it, that is a height adjustment. I expect the wiper is not going all of the way up. And you can also control the speed

MPM AP25, separation problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 14:46:54 EST 2005 | valuems

Hello Did you just buy this machine on the used market? There is a possibility that the stencil is not height on all 4 corners ( from the center nest assembly. I don't under stand " the under stencil wiper is not working correctly". This is about

Accuracy Requirements for New Technology

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 08:47:34 EDT 2005 | Rob

There's not many ways of doing it on the cheap except... Buy a second hand universal GSM1 with VME 630 vision, 0.5 mil per pixel camera & some expensive ceramic nozzles for the 0201's. This will be quite slow & the software quite awkward but lookin

MPM AP25, separation problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 01:53:41 EST 2005 | pavel_murtishev

Hello, Thank you for answer. We are using second hand machine. What do you mean saying that �stencil is not height on all 4 corners�? Does it have some inclination between corners? I mean that three corners of stencil are matching with PCB fine and

MPM AP25 Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 22:14:22 EDT 2004 | pdeuel

Cognex version drives the vidio. If you are getting an image then cognex is not an issue. Thru bore calibration of the camera is the alignment of the upward looking with respect to the downward looking. One camera dose it all getting the image thru o

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 02 10:25:49 EDT 2006 | SWAG

Daxman, Try this: - it might help your histogram. The camera may be operating production reads at or close to the z-axis drive limit but you don't know really. Write a dummy program that will allow you to load a PCB into the centernest at vision h

Adhesive Application by Stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 14:13:20 EST 2001 | mnaddra

RW, I have Screened Adhesive on to several different assemblies and have found that when it is possible I get a much better result than with a dot deposition process (The green strength was greatly improved), the biggest issue I ran in to was the pr


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