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MPM SPM solvent sprayer

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 14:51:29 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

The sprayer is supposed to be aimed at the part of the wiper paper that comes in contact with the stencil.(Not @ the stencil) We have 4 SPM's and 2 AP25's and never had a need to use the solvent sprayer. Dry wiping works just fine. Print on !......

MPM UP2000 Hi-e

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 29 15:05:16 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

We run a lot of double sided boards. So I need a printer that will handle warped boards well. Can anyone tell me which printers work better on warped boards ? Our AP25's are crap on warped boards. If I had a penny for every time our cameras got kno

MPM AP25/HiE, side snuggers

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 14:44:51 EST 2007 | daxman

Hey, I've seen a lot of AP25's with snuggers. I don't know if they all came with the pneumatics or not..but if you have the snugger reg. guage, just underneath the Z table, you should be okay. The fellas at goppm (www.goppm.com) have a lot of knowl

MPM Motion cards

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 20:06:12 EDT 2004 | adiaz

Hello All, We have our MPM AP25, S/N: 6791 down due to problems with the following cards: - P1280 - Digital Motion Controller - PC101 - Motion Interface Board These boards are obsolete and are not in stock, we would like to know if you may have th

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 13:21:26 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

Dax, Just an FYI....we have had AP25's for years. I have never had to calibrate them. Also, I am not a MPM service guy but I would have to say that if your standard deviation numbers are coming up less than .001" you are doing ok there. Sounds to m

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 11:36:35 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

Harry,I know what you mean. You are completely right and justified. My father owns his own business and I see stuff like what you described all of the time. Yes we have done business before. I worked with you when you were with MPM and after you st

PastePuck enclosed paste printing system

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 18 11:52:38 EDT 2008 | rrpowers

A couple years back we were looking at going to an enclosed solder paste printing process, similar to the ProFlow, Crossflow, or Rheometric Pump. We have older MPM AP25's with a custom transport. Speedline told us that in order to add the RheoPump,

MPM Ultraprint 1500 Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 19 12:15:04 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

We just paid 30k, and are pretty happy with that. Y2K vintage, 40k hrs. Good luck. :)

MPM Accuflex

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 02 09:03:42 EDT 2003 | cardinal

The Accuflex is a machine that MPM has evolved into from a SM Tech platform. They purchased the product from SM Tech. The man who designed the platform designed Dek printers; essentially the Accuflex is a DEK platform. If you are looking for a UP

Seeking for help on MPM UP2040

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 04:22:04 EDT 2005 | smtek_cc

Currently, I purchased a unit of Vintage 96, MPM UP2040, but it didn't come with any user manual, electronic diagram and part list. I have checked with the factory who sold this machine to me that they lost it sometime ago and don't have any copy.

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