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MPM AP 36 Schematics

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 13:52:43 EDT 2013 | dlsheeler

AP 36 Schematics no longer needed. Received some from MPM archives. Thanks,

Re: S.P.O.T.T.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 10 09:48:43 EDT 2000 | Dave C.

John, having worked at a major U.S. telecommunications co. I can tell you we were placing through hole connectors in SMT. Using MPM printers 3000 2000 AP36 AP24. We opened the apertures on the stencil 25% over lead diameter to allow more paste(it wou

Early MPM AP-series documents

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 25 13:28:51 EST 2005 | Ron Stubblefield

HELP!! I need an exploded view of the early-style (AP-20 and some 24's) camera cube. I have bought a used AP-36 and am having vision problems. I also need the cube alignment procedures if anyone has them. I already have a "C" tool. Thanks Ron ro


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