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Camera not parked error on mpm ap 25.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 10:38:00 EDT 2017 | highmillr

Getting this error more frequently. Whats causing this?? I have to reset machine every time costing man hours. After resetting its fine but does it at least once a day.

Camera not parked error on mpm ap 25.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 23:52:58 EDT 2017 | aemery

Don, either you have a faulty park sensor or much more likely the vision gantry Y axis is not reaching the sensor. Possible issues, one of the two VY drivers cards is failing; one of the VY forcer motors (air bearings) is failing; to much air leakin

MPM Accuflex "USC park failed" error during initialization

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 19:02:48 EST 2022 | proceng1

USC PArk is your underside stencil cleaner. The camera pushes it back and a magnet grabs it and holds it back. Ours did this many years ago. I pulled the rear cover and initialized the machine, when the camera pushes the stencil back, grab it and

MPM Accuflex "USC park failed" error during initialization

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 08:11:03 EST 2022 | openindus

Thanks for the answer. Our camera doesn't even move during USC Park initialization. I assume it's a condition which isn't met to launch the sequence, but all the sensors seems to be fine. Could you send me the log (SECSDBUG.TXT) of your machine dur

Mpm "Camera not parked" Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 16:11:03 EST 2011 | cowens

I have a MPM UP2000. When running or after teaching fiducials you will here a clank and the error "Camera not parked" will show. If anyone has experienced this on have any suggestions plaese advise. Thank you.

Ap25 camera went all wiggly

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 15:20:48 EDT 2013 | aemery

Interesting! not the usual error. In my experience when the vision cables get damaged it shows up and white noise flashes across the monitor. The connections are the easiest to check so here's your system layout with connection points. Starting at

MPM Ultraprint 2000

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 28 19:28:54 EDT 2017 | aemery

Giao, These style of MPM's use stepper motors, but no feedback like an encoder or a resolver. In other words all axis positions are assumed after "Reset" of the machine. Because of this style of drive system there is the potential for the vision ga


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