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How to adjust stencil frame size for MPM speedline accela?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 05 14:55:53 EDT 2023 | robertobsuinc

How can I adjust the stencil frame size on my MPM speedline accela? is there an automatic option or I need to do it manually?

Older gear MPM Speedline Accela VS. DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 11:41:37 EST 2024 | redspare1

Which model EKRA would you recommend?

Older gear MPM Speedline Accela VS. DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 27 18:25:46 EST 2024 | redspare1

Thanks for your input, new to this industry and trying to learn. Which is a better machine for low volume high mix? I have the option to pick which path to start learning on MPM Speedline Accela or a DEK 265 Horizon Any pros / cons or input is appre

MPM Accela vs DEK or other options?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 11:26:21 EDT 2022 | proceng1

For MPM, PPM in New Hampshire is the best I've found for service. Now the absolute MPM guru recently left the company, but they still have good technicians and lots of parts.

MPM Accela vs DEK or other options?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 13 12:45:12 EDT 2022 | poly

Do you have any idea for the Ekra (or any other printer, especially MPM) how many cycles it can do before you should look for a new printer? How used is too used? 1 millon? 2? 10?

MPM Accela

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 17 07:42:41 EST 2010 | edmaya33

We have had our first MPM accela since 2007 and up to this moment, the machine never had a major breakdown.We have this machine running 24/7 on our high volume line supplying a 14 module M6S NXT machine. It can handle a beyond specs warp boards and

looking for any body that works on old Panasonic MV, Fuji CP642, Speedline MPM 2000 and 3000

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 02 16:55:27 EDT 2015 | aemery

Been working on MPM printers for 20+ years; it's what I do! (CM, Speedline FSE/Trainer, Independent contractor) If MPM built, I keep them running. AP's to Accela's. info@primetechservices.net 858.449.0007

MPM Accela

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 13:46:53 EST 2010 | cyber_wolf

Can anyone provide us with some input on these machines? How well do they handle warped boards..changeover..programming..etc..

SMT Barcode controls

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 05:33:15 EDT 2015 | buckcho

I worked with one accuflex, but it didn't have that option on it. I know that MPM offers its own software called PrintTrack: http://www.speedlinetech.com/products/printers/features?node_title=Accela So maybe you just have to buy that option for you.

MPM Accela vs DEK or other options?

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 12 20:39:29 EST 2022 | oxygensmd

Maybe check EKRA X5, X5Pro too. Our E5 can fit to your requirement and way cheaper machine are them. As I saw, KavSys have a good-running X5Pro.

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