Electronics Forum: mpm momentum


Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 13 17:09:58 EST 2019 | sarason

Attach a 3V cell using jumper clips to your existing cbpard, then swap out the dieing cell. if you are lucky you may be able to continue without having to find hat floppy disk. You will still need to know the PW: Given that this is basically an old P

MPM Momentum Grid Lock Tooling Manual Mode

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 13:49:19 EDT 2019 | griinder

I have a support question concerning setting the gridlock tooling in manual mode on a MPM Momentum Elite. I am printing the top side (bottom is populated with parts) of a thin, flimsy PCB. The Grid lock tooling bows the PCB upwards in Auto mode, beca

screen printer - vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 08:15:37 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM uses a one-print-Mylar system, as do other printer mfrs. In this system there is a Mylar sheet attached to a frame that is secured over the printer table with the board on it. You print onto the Mylar. The table X-Y-theta manual adjustments are u

stepped stencils

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 13:38:09 EST 2014 | jsmorse

Are there any tricks to cleaning a stepped stencil while in use. There seems to always be paste left behind around the recesses of the stencil. We have tried many different wipe combinations and don't seem to be having much luck with it. The machi

Looking for a PC or software for MPM SPM

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 15:00:05 EST 2019 | mattkehoe

We are very close to having the printer up and running but have hit a snag that we hope someone has seen and can offer a work around. The machine does not have the auto stencil wiper attachment parts in it. Did not matter before the hard drive crash

MPM SPM Trackball Upgrade

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 27 09:39:36 EST 2016 | westshoredesign

Thank you for the reply, MPMEng. I received the Speedline UPG-026/27, but it actually came with the incorrect mouse. Since original post I've contacted seller, received correct mouse, successfully installed drivers, encountered a new issue. At thi

MPM AP-20 drivers

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 21:56:53 EDT 2004 | pdeuel

The camera is not driven from the motor cards. The camera is attached to what is called a forcer. For the Y axis there are two of them. One is wired backwards from the other. one of the forcers is connected to a flex chanell for the air and electrica

MPM Momentum Vision issue

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 28 23:53:58 EDT 2016 | aemery

I don't think there is a camera off message in the software, but I might be wrong. So I am making a bit of an assumption here that you didn't have a displayed image and your error was a fiducial not found error. I am also wondering if you decided to

Re: I'm baaack!

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 09:47:19 EDT 1999 | Chrys Shea

| Jeez, | | I just about had a fine Mexico thing going, or was that in my dreams? Probably, but thanks for the future X possibility. | | OK! Let's keep this thing technical. Let us not dwell on the emotionally charged moment of my return. However,

Re: Solder Paste volume w/reliability data.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 17:13:30 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| | | Looking for solder paste specification limits which have reliability data to support them. Currently, we are looking to define the min/max volume necessary to ensure a good joint on CBGA, PBGA, and Micro-BGA's. Any information will be greatly

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