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MPM UP2000 HIE Windows XP?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 18:41:09 EDT 2013 | navworx

Hello, We have a used 2003 (refurbed by MPM in 2006) UP2000 HIE printer that runs NT 4.0. On the computer case is a Microsoft WinXP hologram sticker - does this mean that the printer can be updated to Win XP?


Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 02:09:29 EDT 2007 | einat

I would like to learn more about the differences between the two. Which one do you recommend more and why? Also if someone can stand on the differences between: MPM UP 3000 HI E MPM UP 3000 MPM UP 2000 HI E MPM UP 2000 Any information would help!

MPM UP2000 HIE Windows XP?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 22:47:10 EDT 2013 | navworx

Thanks MPMENG. Our software is 8.3.3. Has anyone converted to XP (from NT)? What obstacles exist to do this? We'd like the printer on our internal network, where security patches can be applied to the OS.

MPM UP2000 HIE Windows XP?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 15:16:44 EDT 2013 | smtventasmex

As far i know it is not jut a software modification, this include change on drivers, PS, and some more devices

MPM UP2000 HIE Windows XP?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 01 10:35:16 EDT 2013 | aemery

No! Equipment OEM's have to license each CPU box or OS they sell. Your system machine software 8.4.3? is built to run on an NT OS. Microsoft no longer supported NT when the UP2000's/AP printers were converted to NT from DOS around 1999-2000. Speedl


Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 12:56:31 EDT 2007 | adlsmt

Im sure you will get some better responses but here is a start. We went from UP2000 to UP3000 Ultraflex about 2 years ago. The UP-2000 uses tooling nests and UP-3000 Ultraflex does not. Makes a huge difference in setup time. Up-3000 is BIG. I think t

would like any input on MPM problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 08:37:47 EDT 2006 | john

Using MPM UP2000 Hie printer.When give cycle wiper command,After comleting forward stroke machine gives error wiper not parked,press next to continue.If press NEXT VY axis software limit comes and machine give message press NEXT to continue.IF press

MPM UP2000 Hi-e

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 30 23:58:53 EDT 2006 | jasmin

We are looking into purchasing a used UP-2000 > Hi-e. We are high mix /high change-over. The > machines I am looking at are equipped with the > grid-lok system. > > Can anyone give me pros's/ > con's ?? > > Thanks in advance. > > Sr. Hi Sr T


Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 12:55:19 EDT 2007 | pjc

First off, go with HiE (Hi Efficiency) machines only. UP3K and UP2K have huge differences- board size, speed, options, etc... too many to list really. I would recommend UP2K HiE over UP3K HiE. Its a simpler machine and easier to find on the used m

MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 09:26:00 EDT 2016 | awhite

Our MPM Up2000 HIE is having a communication problem with any upstream machine we place in front of it...i.e. conveyor, board loader, etc. It all started when we removed a conveyor from inbetween it and a board loader, and hooked those machines up di


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