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MPM3000 vs 3050

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 05 12:16:35 EST 2003 | pjc

The UP3000 & UP3050 are the same machine. The "3050" denotes an options set. The current model is an UltraFlex 3000, which replaced the UltraPrint 3000 series.

SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 14:57:18 EDT 2002 | pjc

Hi VMS, I think if any model it would be the one they sell the most to the Asia market, which is the UltraPrint 2000. By the way, the UP3000 is called the UltraFlex 3000 this week. The UF3K is the top-of-the-range machine, top $$$$.

MPM Ultraflex 3000 password

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 18 12:52:41 EDT 2005 | paulhaines2000

Try this - it's for a UP3000 but might work for you... Operator � no password Supervisor � mpm2 Maintenance � mpm3 Manufacturing � mpm4 Field Service � mpm4 1. To change or view codes, �esc� from program and go into DOS. 2. Type �cd\ULTRA\CONFIG�

MPM UltraFlex 3000 software

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 04 08:13:10 EDT 2016 | pavel_murtishev

Hello, I wonder whether anybody could share MPM UtraFlex 3000 software distributive. Having an HDD image from a filed machine would be very nice. Regards

Board Support for Double-Sided PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 15:11:53 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM has a new board support system called GelFlex. It can be used on UltraPrint 2000 machines as well as AP series, UP1500 and AccuFlex models. For more info, go to http://www.speedlinetech.com/mpm/gel-flex.aspx also, contact Chris Wild at Speedline

MPM AccuFlex

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 08:35:49 EST 2003 | pjc

AccuFlex is the replacement for UltraPrint 1500. UP1500 is going obsolete. AccuFlex was desgigned for fast setup and changeovers and takes some tasks away from the operator. The UltraPrint 2000 was designed for high production, even though many users

Dream SMT Line

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 08:30:52 EDT 2004 | pjc

For any application- high-mix, low volume to low-mix high-volume: J.O.T. Automation board handling MPM UltraFlex 3000 printer CyberOptics SE300 3D post print inspector 2x Mydata Synergy II w/ Linear Magazines and Agilis feeders CyberOptics Flex

MPM Accuflex

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 08:42:36 EDT 2003 | m4040

This is probably the most advanced machine that MPM has EVER offered. It operates in a Windows 2000 environment, which means plug and play networking. Both setup for new boards and 2D are VERY easy to set up. Most new board programming can be done of

MPM Accuflex

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 08:58:22 EDT 2003 | SMT Process

Folks, I use both UP1500 and AccuFlex. The basis for this machine was bought from SMTech several years ago as the SMTech 500. They sold off the last few SMTech machines with the MPM name on them (stupid move because they sucked), but then quickly r

screen printer from MPM

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 06 15:52:18 EST 2004 | pjc

SPM is superior in terms of technology and application. SPM has larger print area, up to 20� x 19", vs. 17.7� x 15.7� for the MicroFlex. MicroFlex is microprocessor controlled while the SPM has a PC. SPM can print down to 12mil (0.3mm) fine pitch no

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