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mpm up2000 z axis hardware limit

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 04 14:15:21 EDT 2019 | ddfreeze

that doesn't seem to be the issue here

mpm up 2000 camera problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 15 10:55:23 EDT 2006 | chrisgriffin

Some software versions won't allow a brightness change with the next button. You should do a histogram test. Place a board on the worknest, then a smooth white card on top of that. Then jog the camera over the card. Raise the Z-axis to it's softwa

mpm up2000 z axis hardware limit

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 04 13:47:25 EDT 2019 | compit

I had as I placed the supports at the back - when lifting Z touched the rear rail - check.

mpm up2000 z axis hardware limit

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 18:00:51 EDT 2019 | ddfreeze

Got a used mpm up2000. It gives z axis hardware limit warning when trying to teach vision. The board raises to camera then drops back down. However when loading a board for tooling, the board stays raised up. The z table can be manually raised up n d

mpm up2000 z axis hardware limit

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 08:02:02 EST 2019 | proceng1

Contact George Castonguay at PPM. He is a Jedi when it comes to these machines. In fact, since you just got it, a good investment would be to have George come in and go through the machine and get it calibrated. 603-895-5112 They also sell parts

mpm up2000 z axis sensor mount location needed

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 16:07:22 EDT 2019 | ddfreeze

I have a silver aluminum z axis sensor that is not mounted, I need to know where it goes. The sensor has a picany rail type mount, triangular rail insert type. It is located in the board support nest area. Seems like it might go on the inside of the

MPM SPM-AV Replacement parts needed

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 08:12:11 EST 2012 | vparis

Hey I am in need of the following replaclment parts for an MPM SPM-AV s/n: 7095 Im looking for the Z-Axis Motor MPM p/n: 000298 and a Z axis belt MPM p/n: p2387 Let me know if you have any of these or you can shoot me in the right direction.

MPM UP2000 HiE Z axis software limit

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 11:17:29 EST 2010 | kpm135

When I try to load a board in our MPM UP2000 HiE I get the following error "Z axis software limit". The Z axis will move up and down freely, I re-calibrated it and reprogrammed the board and the error continues. Has anyone else run into this issue an

Looking for SPM Calibration Procedure for setting the Z-Axis ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 12:45:54 EST 2005 | Micheal

I am looking for the Procedure to Calibrate the Z-axis gears (blades) on a MPM SPM Screen Printer. Does anyone have it, I would appreciate it.

MpM AP25 HiE

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 12:15:55 EDT 2009 | swag

Can anyone tell me the correct DIP settings and jumper positions for a MpM AP25HiE Z-axis driver card? Thanks-

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