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Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 06:15:31 EDT 2002 | Mr.T

Hi, Anyone has any experience of Production-Solution support tables? All comments are welcome. BR, Mr.T

Wave soldering STSOP32

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 04:32:57 EDT 2002 | madreindeer

Hi, Problem is Bridging on between leads. Br, Mr.T


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 07:13:54 EDT 2002 | Mr.T

Hi, Does anyone know about if there is any specs of Lead free Joint Strenght by IPC or from Japan? We are Starting a evaluation shortly and should be lead free by February 2003 Regards, Mr.T

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 18:51:00 EDT 2002 | edahi

weve done a few evaluations for the no-flow underfill and for the reliability I think it has already passed MRT L3 @ 220C reflow. What is it specifically you're interested about the flow u/fill??

Wave soldering STSOP32

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 08:12:54 EDT 2002 | madreindeer

Hi, Have anyone done STSOP32 circuit with 0,5mm pitch with wave? or anything simular. Thanks for advance, BR, Mr.T


Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 02:43:35 EDT 2002 | madreindeer

Thanks for answers....In Euroland (My place)it is not so clear.And this is confusing: There is 3 different comittee�s in Europe. First says 1 of January 2007.Second says 1 of January 2006, and third one says that any of these will do. Also we get a


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