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MSD Control

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 04 17:29:16 EDT 2005 | telenbaas

The indicator cards only show the current humidity, not the peak. They will revert back to blue if placed in dry conditions.

MSL/MSD Tracking

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 13:49:51 EDT 2008 | mrmaint

We used a custom label that we would put on the parts packaging. The label would indicate the MSD level, the maximun hrs of exposure allowed. Also it had fields that whoever opened up that part would write down the date and time the packaging was ope

Universal GSM Blue Label Feeder (24V)

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 13:01:03 EDT 2021 | procyon

Looking to repurpose some older 32mm GSM Blue Label feeders for a custom application. These feeders are the 24V type and not 42V. Does anyone have any information on connecting to and communicating with the feeder outside of a GSM machine or setu

Moisture Sensitive Devices - Absorption Labels

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 14:07:53 EST 1998 | Yves Trudell

I've heard of a series of labels that absorb moisture at different rates and/or change appearance when a specific saturation level is reached. If such labels exist and if they could be correlated to the exposure limits of specific moisture sensitivit

MSD Bake Ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 16:20:41 EDT 2004 | pjc

Top two suppliers: http://www.thermotron.com/ http://www.tenney.com/ (Tenney and Blue M are now owned by the same company) Pre-owned and refurbished supplier: http://lre.com/test2/docs/menu.htm

MSD classification

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 09:24:04 EST 2004 | mzaboogie

Good Morning Everyone, Lately, we have been recieving a growing number of components from manufacturers and distributors with a new moisture level classification. The problem is that we will recieve some with MSD packaging and label and some with ou

MSD Control

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 10:51:16 EDT 2005 | Rob

Stick a label on the package with the initial opening time and date & the use by time, then check before using again. Use the disposable indicator cards - if the are attached top the waffle packs they are getting the same exposure. Get your supplie

BGA & QFP post reflow inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 17:15:02 EDT 2005 | siverts

Hey Dr . Klein, I think You do it all right... But here it comes: MSD; what does it really means? MS-level; what does it really means? Floor life what does it really means? I'm sorry but I can't answer all these questions right now. It is a complex m

MSD Control

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 06:54:14 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi Gavin, Depends on what MSD class, but in general for the more sensitive parts if they've been opened & not used within the time limit it's rebake, add dessicant & seal. Our distribution side splits them down into more manageable/production size

Design for manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 07:30:14 EDT 2018 | davef

On this page, .... + Look to the left margin + Find the nav bar, near the top of the page, comprised of blue colored rectangles with white lettering + Scan down to the bottom third of the rectangles + Find the rectangle labeled "Training Courses"

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