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PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 05:32:03 EST 2010 | libandara

Dear Graham, Thanks for the information. is there any way to control the humidity inside the oven..? At over 100 C. how the evaporated vapour from the component remove out from the oven..?

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 02:46:21 EST 2010 | libandara

We want to handle the materials such as PCB & MSD components as per IPC 1601 & J-STD-033. As such, we need a baking oven to perform this and to monitor (temperature – we have to maintain up to 200’C & humidity – below 5%)the control environment & ma

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 07:26:50 EST 2010 | grahamcooper22

In an oven over 100 C any moisture will escape through vents. There will not be huge volumes of moisture in the oven when you are baking components so it should easily escape through vents / holes in the system leaving you with a humidity of near zer

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 04:11:47 EST 2010 | grahamcooper22

A baking oven over 100 C will be at zero humidity. Do you really need to store pcbs/devices at 200 C...this will surely harm some products ? IPC 33B01 allows storage of MSDs in a dry cabinet at less then 5%.....these can operate at room temp or 40 /

MSD Bake Ovens

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 13:33:46 EDT 2004 | Haritt

Hello all, I am in need of a few leads for oven manufacturers and storage cabinets in order to bake and store MSDs. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Haritt G.

MSD Bake Ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 16:06:16 EDT 2004 | davef

While you're waiting for others to respond, search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous discussions For instance, for contacts of suppliers of baking ovens look here: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=

MSD Bake Ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 16:20:41 EDT 2004 | pjc

Top two suppliers: http://www.thermotron.com/ http://www.tenney.com/ (Tenney and Blue M are now owned by the same company) Pre-owned and refurbished supplier: http://lre.com/test2/docs/menu.htm

MSD Bake Ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 16:25:07 EDT 2004 | pjc

east coast pre-owned supplier: http://www.bidservice.com/ LR Environmental is a west coast pre-owned supplier

MSD Bake Ovens

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 01:51:52 EDT 2004 | kmccarten

Hi Haritt; In response to your request to information regarding cabinet manufacturers I would invite you to look at http://www.drycabinets.com which could give you some interesting if not valuable information regarding the functionality of desiccant

Tantalum capacitor mis-alignment & throwoff issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 22:23:24 EST 2019 | kenneth0

Hi Prem, try take a few caps and bake them before assembling them to the board to see whether this problem goes away. Its a common problem these tentalum caps can outgas if there's moisture trapped within. Once verified that moisture is the culprit

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