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Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 14:33:29 EDT 2006 | chan

we are using panasert msf machine we encounter there is fine pitch alignment problem this is not happen every board.


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 17:26:15 EDT 2006 | russ

Well i wouldn't run every board then!!!! okay seriously, All bad parts off the same each time or are they "all over the place" Check your mount height, you may have sagging or warped boards or just bad part height


Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 18:08:32 EDT 2006 | Nirmal

are u using 3d / 2d camera 1) machine setup support pin must be strong. 2) machine part libary must be perfect and good condition. 3) using the right nozzle. 4) check the board clamp must be clamp fully. 5) and we can also try doit head and camera

comp dimension

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 05:01:07 EDT 2005 | chandran

where can i find full standard part dimension for chip,ic,bga and others for machine mv2f,msr and msf.If there anybody know about this pls help.

Solder balls on Cleaned process

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 06:29:20 EDT 2001 | Yngwie

Dave, yes, your assumption is right, We only do washing after the second reflow. The timing from the post primary reflow to wash is no longer than 2 hour. The line config is as such : DEK265 � 3x MV2F- 1x MSF � BTU - AOI � DEK265 � 3x MV2F � 1x MSF-

Help needed for choosing chipshooter

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 10:26:35 EDT 2004 | sumxp

Beside being reliable,flexible,the after sales maintenance support and spare parts availability in shortest leadtime is equally important. I choose Panasert/Panasonic because of above advantages.You can try MSF which can mount all packages(0201 to bg

PanaPro System

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 12:23:08 EST 2006 | stepheniii

Get a FAST computer. Especially if you are programming for the MSF. I didn't like the old panapro and havn't used the new one much. But from what I did see, it's much improved even if it takes a long time to optimize programs. Put it on the fastes

Smt 'pick and place' machine issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 00:26:39 EST 2006 | mack3000

Hello everyone, I've been facing some issues regarding:- 1)missing components 2)overturn 3)misalignments Why does this occur?Is it because of the machines?The programming?Or handling issues? What steps are needed to be taken to counter this problem

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 00:45:19 EDT 2006 | Richard Robins-Bird

Not all splicing tapes require the use of specialist tooling or splicing plates to make a join. Please see wwww.fujismt.com where a complete range of SMT splicing tapes (Joint Tapes) can be found for use with chip mounters such as Assembleon, Europla

PANASERT MviiF Nozzles Breaking Frequently

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 02:19:50 EDT 2007 | vijayanandh

PANASERT MViiF --> PANASERT MSF --> BTU Reflow Currently we're facing massive problems with MViiF(chip shooter) nozzles being damaged and broken. Anyone around who is facing the similar problems? We're looking into the feeders (worn out base/problem

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