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ip3 mtu

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 12:24:12 EST 2011 | nevercry14

Well try to run in idle n as soon as the mtu. Goes to pick up part on tray it goes down but when homing back in position doesnt flag sensor because position is off.so the sz sensor not bieng flaged. Any ideas

ip3 mtu

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 11:14:22 EST 2011 | cyber_wolf

You will need to be more specific than that. What do you mean it went off ?

ip3 mtu

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 12:46:15 EST 2011 | cyber_wolf

Seems odd that the machine would zero set if there was a sensor not being made.

ip3 mtu

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 14 16:29:34 EST 2011 | nevercry14


ip3 mtu

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 15:40:52 EST 2011 | jdengler

Do you have any trays in the location you are trying to pick from? The Z axis should move until it detects the top of a tray. Without any trays it may not function correctly. Also some machines will need an empty tray below the tray you want to pi

ip3 mtu

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 22:08:58 EST 2011 | nevercry14

Thats the odd part that i can zero set no problem just when i try to run idle the sz sensor ok when goes down but when it goes back up its not bieng retracted up so sensor stays off n eror acurs again any ideas.

MTU Error Message

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 13 19:18:54 EST 2010 | wingding

Does anyone know what a "MTU Full Comp" error is?

Fuji IP2 MTU giving me fits

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 21 09:40:40 EST 2018 | kdexter0928

I am at wits end with this machine. The MTU on my IP2 will not zero set. It gives me a few different errors depending on its mood. I receive MTU T- OT, MTU X- OT, or MTU Y- OT. when the machine attempts to zero set it travels until it OTs. I have tri

Fuji IP2 MTU Cycle Alarm

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 16:52:52 EDT 2010 | wingding

Fuji IP2: I am having problems with an MTU Cycle Alarm error. There is no such error listed in the IP2 manual or the MTU manual. It sometimes comes up while placing parts on a board or sometimes right after Zero Set. Does anyone know what generates t

Fuji IP2 MTU giving me fits

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 12:03:13 EST 2019 | jdengler

They go through TN-3 to get to the TSA-200A D/A module. This is all in the MTU. It's been a long time since I worked on an IP-2 but see if you can get to the I/O screen for the MTU. Have someone flag the in range sensor and see if the input status on

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