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Gold versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 11 15:49:10 EDT 2002 | stepheno

Are you no clean or WS? Have you used a MultiMeter to verify the ICT failures? Maybe the components are fine but the pins are contaminated. Or the test points. Don't have any reason to suspect that due to HASL vs gold. It's just I don't trust data o

Resistance testing equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 11:17:07 EST 2005 | etienne

You mean that you have to test each resistor that you produce? Because with a digital multimeter it is very easy to test resistors. Maybe I am not understanding you?

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 12:44:28 EDT 2012 | cobham1

We are currently checking parts on our boards with a digital multimeter to make sure values are correct. This process takes a large amount of time and is very in accurate Can someone please recommend a low capital budget system that is good and repea

DEK 03 - Consumable Replenish Error

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 08 15:52:00 EST 2016 | sarason

Dead sensor ? Try a little of your consumable directly on the sensor while monitoring it's output with a multimeter. sarason

Verification of Wash Water Resistivity Reading

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 02:25:04 EDT 2007 | Mike Konrad

Dave, I would not recommend use of a multi-meter to determine high quality DI water resistivity readings. There are a number of reasons including a multi-meter�s lack of temperature compensation. We use a Myron-L resistivity meter to accurately de

Verification of Wash Water Resistivity Reading

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 21:57:58 EDT 2007 | Dave Jurena

We are setting up a facility in China and would like to verify the resistivity reading on our Westek wash machine. The only tool we have at this time is a multimeter. The machine reads .570 Mohms and the MM reads around .25 Mohms at a probe distance

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 25 11:54:48 EDT 2012 | dan_ems

Hello, I already build such a system with hardware and software from National Instruments. I think is the best solution because you can buy for the start only a Multimeter (DMM), a multiplexer and a software. Is very easy to do the programming but

AS9100D Fact check

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 18:38:05 EDT 2018 | slthomas

I would say not likely unless it's at least serialized, but certainly so if it requires calibration....point being LOTS of stuff requires calibration for AS9100 activity. Simple hand tools probably not, for example, but your calipers, multimeters w

Universal Dip Inserter 6796

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 08:18:20 EST 1999 | Claude Couture

The situation: When I press the "ZERO" button of the dip inserter, the x-y table moves very slowly toward the -x -y corner. If I release the button, the x-y table stops. The 36 vdc is dead. I replaced the "1REC" (it was fried) and the problem is st

electrical check PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 13 14:18:41 EST 2006 | mark

Hi, I would like to ask you how you test the PCB (electrical test) of first PCB before starting production.? What kind of equipment you are using? and method to confirm that components on PCB are correct (value, orientation, describtion, polarizatio

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