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Lead-Free SMD repair

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 04:24:47 EDT 2005 | Rob

I beg to differ but the old metcals do handle lead free with no problems - Unless we have a rogue batch of ancient super MX500's.

Hot air, hand held rework stations for Pb free production

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 04:10:52 EDT 2005 | Rob

Danotherms for hot air rework & Metcal MX500's for irons = very happy staff (& very unhappy accountants!)

What is the best soldering gun?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 11:06:39 EDT 2019 | robl

Personally I'd take a Metcal MX500 over a 130W JBC every day, and we had hundreds at the last place. However, here we have lots of JBC's, and my engineers and solderers swear by them. Both are good irons and like any you need to get your tip choice

Metcal CV-5210 Solder Station

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 05 07:17:40 EDT 2019 | jchris

We evaluated the Metcal CV-5210 and found that while it is a solid iron, the "Connection Validation" features were so quirky that our operators had to completely turn off the CV features. When Connection Validation was enabled, we had a massive amoun


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