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Mirae 1030 Y-Axis error

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 08:54:15 EDT 2016 | bobpan

More than likely the encoder scale or read head has an issue. Many times.. oil/dirt/water get on the scale and cause a bad spot or bad area. Try to clean the scale with a lint free cloth and alcohol. You should also be able to see the read head and m

Quad IVc limit error

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 06:54:03 EDT 2011 | mosborne1

Wipe off your linear scales and clean your quadalign lense.

CP45FV NEO EMER e804 scale of X axis can not be detected

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 02:09:55 EST 2018 | bukas

yes I am, today im going to try to load backup image on to HDD. this error occurs before any machine movement, so it might be SW error... at least I hope so

CP45FV NEO EMER e804 scale of X axis can not be detected

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 20 02:26:11 EST 2018 | bukas

hello everyone, I have this problem with one of my machines. it reports EMER error code: e804 "the scale of X axis can not be detected" has anyone encountered such error before? any idea what could cause it?

Siemens S25 X-axis counting error

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 20:35:51 EDT 2020 | erici

Hi all, was wondering if you have any ideas on how to correct the problem we are encountering with our S25 machine. The machine is giving an X-axis counting error at gantry 1. I replaced the x-axis linear reader and the linear scale as well, but st

Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 11:12:08 EST 2007 | jaimebc

I've had experienced this issues here with our GSM's Flex heads. Try this: 1.- Clean your linear scales with alcohol and a lint free cloth. Both the X and Y. This one has fixed the majority of our errors when one of the heads just stops for no apare

Mycronic MY600 / Aegis Factory Logix

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 03:22:15 EST 2020 | tamasmagyar

You can do some changes on the fly on the machine, but is very limited. Like deleting a board from the panel, modifying offset, modifying fiducials etc. The thing is, I have issues with the programming interface, because the crashes and errors I get

Contact 3AVX Homing Error!

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 02:50:30 EDT 2012 | haiae

Thank you for your message. After many trying to find the error I found the cause. The reason is dirty linear scale glass for head one and after clean it the machine can homing easy. I hope this inform may helpful for user who are using contact machi

SIEMENS S20 Y axis - correct zero pulse not found

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 13:40:53 EST 2019 | liquidspacie

Hello, I'm trying to fix this error and what I've done so far I cleaned (no scratches) measuring scale and swapped cards (gantry 1 & 2) and cleaned scale reader sensor. There are no spare parts, I'm just trding to narrow down the cause. Any suggestio

Siplace Axis measuring calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 10:15:29 EDT 2019 | oxygensmd

Hello Everybody, I have a Siplace S20 machine which make X axis counting error. I replaced the sensor, scale and all the parts are good. It seems to be measuring error because the machine do measing error if the X axe move to much. Do somebody have

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