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Mydata My100 or Siemens D1?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 24 20:11:45 EST 2010 | wmeliane

Hi I would like to get feedback on which of the following 2 machines to buy: -option 1: My100 with single Midas head -option 2: D1S with single P&P head I have experience with the Siemens D series. However I have no real experience with Mydata... Is

MY100 or Samsung421 & MY500 or DEC Horizon03 ???

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 08:02:35 EDT 2010 | marusha

Hello, colleagues! Please help make a choice! (MY500 + MYDATA MY100 + Heller Mk1707) or (Dec Horizon03 + Samsung 421 + Essemtec RO400FC-C) or very cheap Korean equipment (Sj InnoTech; HP-520 + Mirrae Mx350P + TSM; A70-i71). The volume of required c

Mydata M100 Series ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 12:01:19 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

Is there anyone out there using the new Mydata MY100 series machines ? We are looking into a MY100DX-12 or a MY100DX-14 machine. I am interested in all comments...good..bad... Thanks in advance.


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