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Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 20:18:31 EDT 2020 | jlawson

Can not speak for CircuitCam is made by Aegis Software I veliveve sound like need to get understanding of how tool is supposed to work to extract-create centroid positions. Using Gerber Only is a pattern match and cacluate logic process - ie make pac

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 10 20:04:00 EDT 2020 | jlawson

> Fabrication Format. With good tools Like Valor MSS PP you can handle the old (legacy flows) and of course better more modern flows all from one learning library solution = more effective first time right outputs

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 26 13:31:37 EDT 2020 | rgduval

As everyone else said, if you don't have CAD, it's a pain to digitize the gerbers. So much so that we only did it once when I went to CircuitCam training. After you digitize the gerbers, you have to merge the BOM with it. And you have to tell it p

Mydata package libraries

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 13:02:54 EDT 2006 | billyd

Thanks all, for the help. Mydata pretty much parroted what was said here. My biggest issue is too many clowns in the circus tent. Thanks again guys.

Mydata package libraries

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 14:57:42 EDT 2006 | stepheniii

We have Mydata's as well. What I would like to do is have printouts in a binder. But I'm not sure the easiest way to do this and no one has time. This way you could have an offical shape for a given part number. Some parts might need two like those

Mydata package libraries

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 10:03:24 EDT 2006 | billyd

All - I'm hoping I can get a little feedback here on my package libraries for my Mydata machines. I have four tied to a server right now, and I have several operators that apparently like to make packages, so I have some called 0805-05-A-MY-9-2 and t

Mydata package libraries

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 13:07:54 EDT 2006 | CL

Hello Billy, We have 6 machines tied to a server. I can see where this would be a problem. Basically, the answer is you would need a package for every significantly different package that you are placing. I don't think you can just say 3 0805 packag

Mydata package libraries

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 13:41:25 EDT 2006 | jax

Everybody who uses basic "part-type" naming conventions for machine package codes will have this same issue unless restrictions are placed on who, how, and when the package codes can be altered. Some alternative methods to solving this problem: 1. U

IPC782 and SMT Plus pattern libraries

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 19:32:52 EDT 1999 | Tom Reilly

FYI, Yes, it is true SMT Plus [ http://www.smtplus.com/ ]does not meet IPC 782 standards but is that the goal here or to meet IPC-A-610 standards for manufacturing? I agree that patterns do cause some problems if created to maximum IPC standards but

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 12:16:46 EDT 2020 | proceng1

We use CircuitCam extensively, but not for MYDATA. What exactly is the issue you are seeing? Do you have the MYDATA Export module from Aegis?

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