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Manncorp Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 12:28:42 EDT 2014 | dyoungquist

Mydata (recently changed name to Micronic) will be more expensive than Manncorp but from my experience using Mydata, they are well worth the money. Tech support (in the USA at least) is very good if you go through them to buy the machines. You can

Tp9 and Tp9 ufp

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 16:24:53 EDT 2011 | smdbert

Hello, My name is Bert i'm working by LéTÉ with two mydata smd machines and have sometimes several problems ,most of the problems try to solve it by myself but sometimes the boss also helps and i write the errors in map but first of all 4 questions

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 02:57:03 EDT 2001 | kjellman

Hi, Why not have a look at Philips/Assembl�on, their ACM machine is quite nice. It may also bring you down to Flip Chip, 0201 some through hole and odd form placement. Nice options like bulk feeding, coplanarity tests, fluxing for FC, prom feeders (

Mydata Hydra and 0201 components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 07:38:13 EDT 2005 | DannyJ

Hi Mike, I haven't tried the 0201s with a Hyrda, but after seeing 20 reviews of your message without a response, I'll try and share my experience with 0402s on a non-Hydra machine. The 0402s are slow, but I managed to get some speed by maxing out

ultra low cost pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 12 19:48:47 EDT 2010 | bootstrap

I like what you're doing. 20 years ago anyone, hobbyists and tiny garage-shop companies could create electronics devices just as sophisticated and cool as big corporations. Today, SMT has largely trashed the creativity (and competition) that existe

Mydata centering jaws causing ESD and part damage

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 08 00:28:25 EST 2014 | padawanlinuxero

Hello We a Mydata and put all kinda of components with the midas unit, but never had problems with ESD, and some of them are very delicate parts, perhaps like our colleague said perhaps you should look at the trays or feeders that you are using, pe

Comparison of models: Philips CSM 84, 84V and 84 VZ

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 29 21:24:30 EDT 2005 | Paul Standeven

The CSM84 family units are 3 headed pick & place machines with mechanical chuck centering technology. They use a beam pointer for fiducial correction. The CSM84V is the same as the CSM84 but has a downward looking fiducial camera onboard in lieu of


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