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MYDATA Myspeed software is total junk

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 14:47:09 EST 2005 | gregp

This will always be the case with in-line spindle machines that rate their cph based on unreal conditions. Flexible placement machines with different head designs will perform better (closer to advertised) and are truley more flexible because you do

Recommendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Sat May 29 15:58:37 EDT 2004 | Patrick Tarell ... Automation Engineering Jabil Circuit

Hello Alan! We have used both chipshooters, we also have a Mydata with the hydra head... We switched entirely from Fuji CP7 to the UIC HSP4796 and now HSP4797. The CP7 is a nice machine but we were very unhappy with the support structure within Fu

Mydata vs Siplace

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 09:58:38 EDT 2002 | pjc

Machine Data Mydata MY9 machine weight: 1800kg placement repeatablilty @ 3 sig: 15 micron x-y axis drive mech: x combo belt rackπnion, y ball screw Siemens F5 machine weight: 1500kg placement accuracy @ 3 sig: 30 micron x-y axis drive mech: x belt


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 08:05:51 EST 2007 | gregp

you are correct Rob--my bad. I was thinking only of machines still being produced today. Plus the Ancient Fujis were capable of only a limited component range thus you changeover for the whole line could not be completed--only the chipshooter--or a


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 10:34:18 EST 2007 | Rob

Call me Mr Picky,... but you can still buy new Fuji Chipshooters: http://www.fuji.co.jp/e/SMT/smt_Products/cp842/index_cp8.html ...and they'll still be working when our kids have shoved us dribbling into retirement homes. In answer to your other

MYDATA Myspeed software is total junk

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 04:10:48 EST 2005 | Rob

Also depends on how often you will be running the machine, at what speeds and how long you want it to last. If you're going to thrash it 24/7 and want it to last 10-20 years then a turret chipshooter will have less maintenace downtime, and be a lot

New SMT line - P&P equipment selection help

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 10:14:29 EDT 2005 | Rob

The Advantis with a lightning head is less accurate at chipshooting than a Fuji CP643. That's progress? Yes it is a great platform for it's space & yes it is a good all in one package, and the IC aacuracy is far better than stated. But you run o

Fuji versus Mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 16:56:37 EST 2007 | vickt

Mark, How about a "line booster" such as the Universal AdVantis AC30L? The Lightning head provides a huge boost in throughput for your existing line, while also adding to the component range. One solution is to put it in the middle of a line to retur

Re: Check out a new Q

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 04:40:03 EST 1998 | Galen

| Scott - Good to see things are going well for you. With regard to your comments, Quad has introduced a complete line of Semi-conductor/APT machines (Q Series) that support both SMT and Semi-conductor applications. The machines were introduced in


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