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mydata electrical test results

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 16:40:48 EDT 2021 | cyber_wolf

Yes those verifiers seem like a good idea but they really don't work correctly. You would be better off verifying with a meter during reel changes than wasting your life on that thing. I concur that single mount will show the value.

mydata electrical test results

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 08 22:30:05 EDT 2021 | vtdivtecs

So I am having a little trouble with my mydata MY19. its an older machine picked up used and its had its quirks. recently we tried to start adding electrical verification to our workflow, and had to disable it as we were getting intermittent bad pa

Samsung vs. Mydata

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 07:58:14 EST 2010 | rgduval

I have used MyData's in two different companies, and have never used the Samsung machines. MyData's flexibility is, generally, key. The feeder designs allow for short strips to be loaded, as well as rapid change-over. The electrical testing capabi

Mydata 100 test fixture

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 15:35:18 EST 2015 | taborheiking

So I'm in Maintenance and I've been getting a lot of component feeder magazines back that have faulty circuit boards etc and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has made a desk top test fixture for any of the Agilis or TMD Magazines or


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 15:16:56 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

We have MY12 and MY15E machines. I am going to assume what we are seeing also applies to the MY100 series machines as well. Do you have the electrical verifier option that works with the midas head and centering jaws to check component values of

Mydata - Level too high in pick

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 13:54:53 EDT 2012 | markhoch

It's been a while since my MYDATA days, but let's give this a shot. Did you try putting the tool away and picking it back up? Make sure your Midas Head is cleaned and the tool is lubricated properly, then do a Center Base Leveling Calibration. (I t

Mydata centering jaws causing ESD and part damage

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 11:13:35 EST 2014 | dyoungquist

We have run Mydata machines for 10+ years with no ESD damage from the machine itself that we know of. Can you tell us how you have verified it is the machine causing the ESD damage? It seems to me the ESD damage would be far more likely coming from

Programming Mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 16:20:59 EST 2009 | 11562knott

I've speced in CircuitCAM at 3 different company's since 1996 and wouldn't use anything else. When we program our Mydata using CAD data within 5 minutes we have a program + a couple more minutes to verify the color visual aids by station. When we rec

Mydata TP-11 Small X not working

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 21 12:48:13 EDT 2009 | bk

ok you verified that the motor was bad. So now i would go back and verify that your voltages are still good on the back of the computer box and on the booster board. If they all check out fine. I would take the mot x board from your working machine a

Very fishy missing solder paste issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 09:45:51 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

I have seen this problem on Mydata machines before. I am very sure that your missing paste is being caused by the placement machine. Check these things : 1. There is a small white check valve on the pressure side of the vacuum pump. Make sure it is

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