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used mydata equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 14:56:50 EST 2005 | jimdugan

The Mydata machine is a very good high mix low volume machine. If you buy from Mydata you will be better supported, than if you buy from a broker. I would recommend you buy the newer My series machine. The TP machine was a good machine but the My ma

used mydata equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 15:50:51 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, We are looking at selling the machine in mid April, May time frame. We are selling the machine, all feeders etc. But it's located in Australia, so a bit hard to ship to most locations. If your interested, please email grantpetty@blackmagic-desig

used mydata equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 04:59:02 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, MYDATA's are ok for lower volume, and they are very flexible. If you only have 1 or 2 trays of components and are on a tight budget, then you can even place the trays on the Y wagon behind the PCB so you can get away without the tray wagon. Al

mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 13:35:34 EST 2007 | dyoungquist

MyData TP9s Work well in high mix applications because change over time from 1 job to the next can be done in as little as 15 minutes if you have the right mix of magazines/feeders. Component placement rates vary depending on which component you ar

mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 12:00:59 EST 2007 | wayne123

A philips Topaz is a good machine, I have accurately placed 0402's without a problem, Fine pitch QFP no problem, BGA's not a problem, I am not familiar with the TP9 so hopefully the other guy can answere questions on that, The Topaz is rated at about

Mydata linear stick feeder

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 13:03:14 EDT 2009 | toddscherrsymcomcom

I am looking for any input on the linear stick feeder from Mydata. We currently use a vibe feeder and have a high number of miss picks/rejects on SO8 packages. Is the linear stick feeder worth the investment to upgrade from vibe?

Programming feeder Setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 11:06:50 EST 2004 | ccleland

You might want to look into one of the machines from Europlacer or Mydata that have very high feeder capacities(200 or more) and intelligent feeders. They were designed for minimal change over time in high mix environments.

Mydata linear stick feeder

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 00:49:33 EDT 2010 | darrenj

Yes, we have the Agilis stick feeder and it is a definite improvement on the vibe. It usually comes with a set of starter 'tubeforks', but i bought another starter set after a while since the individual tubeforks are relatively expenisive. Always g

Mydata Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 00:00:17 EST 2006 | John

Mydata sells clips you put on the cover tape after it is removed from the agilis feeder.


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 18:32:06 EST 2007 | stepheniii

You mean the only machine other than Mydata. I've run jobs where not all the feeders would fit. On Panasonic I needed two programs and non-intelligent feeder swaps. On Mydata push the button on the feeder magazine and pull it out and then put in the

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