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MyDATA 12e Machine blowing fuses when powered

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 18:12:48 EDT 2022 | curtisp

These were all great suggestions and helped find the issue; we ended up replacing the Mot M board which made it work.

MYData issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 16:19:34 EDT 2007 | bk

There are no batteries in mydata magazines. This problem means your voltage is outside it's allowed range. In this case I think it's the 15 volts. If you open up the bottom of the machine and pull out the carriage you'll see a rectangular box that ho

MyDATA 12e Machine blowing fuses when powered

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 05 00:00:17 EDT 2022 | curtisp

We are having a problem right now where the machine won't load the circuit boards (mot m, y, z, etc) due to the machine blowing the fuses. This was diagnosed by one of our engineers to be a problem with this part: MyData MyCronic Booster BNB/NREG L-0


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 01:26:17 EST 2005 | Marv

A couple of things.. 1) The problem is more than likely on the magazine board itself (TC2), most likely the pal chip that stores the serial number and feeder information (you could swap this with a working magazine to verify) 2) The magazine connecto

TpSys Rebooting MMi returned 134 -My Data 12-

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 09:35:35 EST 2020 | jactomas

Since 6 days we are tryng to solve a issue in our MyData12. For some reason, the TpSys doesn´t start properly and continuesly is rebooting after a message "MMI exited, status = 134, terminating servers - Waiting for Tpsys to finish - MMI returned 13


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