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mydata spare electronics

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 21 15:40:35 EDT 2011 | padawanlinuxero

Hi I had the same problem but with a MY12, and I have to say that we search for it but we did not find something, my guess you can talk to MYDATA to RUSH delivery from sweden o norway somewhere up there.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 05:14:32 EDT 2019 | chafik

Hi guys, does anybody can help me out to activate the electrical test on my machine "mydata my12", i don't have this option, but i heard that there is a trick to activate this option. Thank you

Mydata Pick & Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 05 13:17:58 EDT 2005 | wen

I have a access to Mydata MY12,2004 vintage, are you interesting?

Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 28 14:05:02 EST 2011 | cyber_wolf

Negative on the spares. Mydata wants the other head for core....

Super M.O.L.E or Slim KIC 2000 for oven profiling?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 18:26:38 EDT 2002 | burb1999

MYDATA MY12 for the pick and place

Need Help on MYDATA MY12 Initiate Hardware Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 24 09:30:44 EDT 2008 | 18424

Is this a used machine or did you purchase it new?

Mydata (MY12) error-Frame Grab and Light Curtain

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 29 13:59:08 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

The Hydra camera is a linescan camera on our machine.

Mydata My12 package creation

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 16:09:02 EDT 2010 | duwelt

Thanks Rob, is there nobody sharing/selling his database? Arne

Tray table set up on Tray Wagon Mydata MY12

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 22:19:38 EDT 2019 | d_nguyen2018

Thank you, Alex!

Samsung SM320 vs Mydata MY12E

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 13:51:35 EDT 2007 | grantp

Hi, Yeah, this is why we moved from MYDATA, as we could not get accurate 0402, as it seemed the vision system was not good enough. They might have upgraded this since then, but I would not recommend MYDATA for 0402 or below. Grant

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