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Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 02 16:07:39 EST 2005 | jsk

two bent pins on the connector...replaced..works like a champ Thanks all for the help


Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 06 11:04:19 EST 2005 | jsk

Slot three will not recognize magazine. LED's are lit (green)when inserted into slot three. Magazine works in all other slots. Tried multiple magazines. All gave the same error. Error code = E-MIPR-1 unknown magazine type slot 3 No visible damage t


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 15:13:31 EST 2005 | pmd

I agree with SirTec. Conflicts with other magazines slotted into machine often cause un reckognized magazine errors elseware. You can also try to re seat the first pair of MOT driver cards in computer this is whare mag data is stored. Also a loose ca


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 11:19:13 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

Another thing : Make sure that there are no other mags plugged into the machine while you are trying to trouble shoot slot 3. I have seen shorted vibratory ID chips mess up other magazines up in different slots. For instance : a shorted vibe in slo


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 09:44:49 EST 2005 | anonomous

The machine sees a magazine, but with wrong number. somehow one (maybe more) wire from the magazine bus does not reach slot 3, as the other slots work, there is probably not a short, as the magazine bus work for other slots, the problem is probably i


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 01:26:17 EST 2005 | Marv

A couple of things.. 1) The problem is more than likely on the magazine board itself (TC2), most likely the pal chip that stores the serial number and feeder information (you could swap this with a working magazine to verify) 2) The magazine connecto

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 24 23:44:17 EDT 2020 | kghadiya

I am having trouble programming circuitcam for mydata (my9) pnp machine. My question is, when i digitalize the gerber file what should i take care to get required output for my9? In my9 i cant see exact positions of all the components. I have assign

used mydata equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 04:59:02 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, MYDATA's are ok for lower volume, and they are very flexible. If you only have 1 or 2 trays of components and are on a tight budget, then you can even place the trays on the Y wagon behind the PCB so you can get away without the tray wagon. Al

mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 18 15:04:05 EST 2007 | slthomas

It was apparent to me that because he was looking at a Topaz, not a Topaz X, and a TP, not a My9, that he's looking at older used machines. Is there a used Sony in a similar price range to the other two that will outperform them?

MYDATA MY9 Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 19:35:44 EST 2022 | SMTA-64387687

All Mydata magazines should be compatible with the newer machines.

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