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Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 11:35:32 EST 2011 | eezday

I have had this problem and I've resolved it. I don't have access to the PW at this moment but I've requested it be sent to me. Please don't give up on this thread. Try these passwords: "anders" and "akuankka"

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 09:52:03 EST 2014 | rgduval

Start by getting into the maintenance menu, and manually installing the Servo program for all MOTs. If they install fine, you can check the Z-motor while you're in the maintenance menus. Make sure that the z-locks are unlocked before checking the

mydata spare electronics

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 21 15:40:35 EDT 2011 | padawanlinuxero

Hi I had the same problem but with a MY12, and I have to say that we search for it but we did not find something, my guess you can talk to MYDATA to RUSH delivery from sweden o norway somewhere up there.

mydata electrical test results

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 23:58:59 EDT 2021 | SMTA-64387687

The electrical test, on those older machines, wasn't very exact. Try to expand the tolerances, 25-30% for caps and 10% for resistors, and see if that solves your problem. Also, if I remember correctly, if you go into the layout and single-place the c

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 00:43:06 EST 2014 | brendansales

Centering motor about to fail or has failed. > Centering motor about to fail or has failed. Hey Rdubya, Thanks for your help! Apparently that was not the problem. The Midas head had to be all the way down below the lower locking solenoid. After

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 09:52:45 EST 2014 | brendansales

Dear Rob, Got to the maintenance menu, under the Motor section, I selected Z motor and tried to initiate motor, there was no movement on the machine and I had the error message as below: F-MOT-MSETDYN Z/12: Position counter dead I suspect that ser

used mydata equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 04:59:02 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, MYDATA's are ok for lower volume, and they are very flexible. If you only have 1 or 2 trays of components and are on a tight budget, then you can even place the trays on the Y wagon behind the PCB so you can get away without the tray wagon. Al

printing problem on mydata machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 12:41:07 EST 2017 | bk

It also could be that your user level that you are logged in on may not have access to change parameters

printing problem on mydata machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 30 03:04:35 EST 2017 | .net

exit TPSys and type setPrinter

printing problem on mydata machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 24 20:05:24 EST 2017 | erici

we have one dot matrix printer and i would like to connect it to the TP9 machine. The parameters settings for printer is "protected" so i cannot assign the printere to the machine. How do i "unprotect" the parameter to allow me to make changes?

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