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Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 12:46:23 EDT 2020 | unisoft

Unisoft has been import gerber only for years to setup assembly, aoi machines, etc. *** Help for Importing GERBER only files for used in programming Assembly, AOI, Test, Selective Soldering machines (X/Y Center, Rot, Part#). Also allows you to cre

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 18:37:15 EDT 2020 | unisoft

The point here is if you can't get the full CAD files or the XY rotation files and all you get his Gerbers and a BOM. Most all contract manufacturers and some OEM's at some time or another have to deal with Gerber only files. If you find yourself i

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 15:32:16 EDT 2006 | pms

We have recently started building assemblies containing 0402 components (argggg!!). Were using the TM8FC magazines and are seeing alot of miss-picks on the 0402 components. When the feeder advances the part, the part can; jump out of the tape, or tur

Mydata Management Explanations

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 05:42:43 EDT 2016 | jasltd

Hi folks, I'm looking for definitions on the categories from the Management reporting from MYData's (running My9 & MY19 machines TPSYS 2.4) I'd like to understand what the machine classifies into the following: Up time Active Time Run Time I"m buil

SMT LIne Production Rate

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 08 10:48:58 EDT 2011 | billmeye

We have Mydata and you can print a report telling you the average placement time per part number. I monitored a few months of jobs, broke things into package type, grouped packages with similiar times (such as chip components up to 1206, SO-8,14,16


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 16:20:31 EDT 2022 | rgduval

yup...I've always ignored rated cph reported by the manufacturer. In the case of MyData's, the only way to approach the rated cph is to load the same part in multiple feeders next to eachother, and place it a million times...that way Hydra can gang


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 06 13:14:03 EST 2002 | mrpsilva

Anyway thanks for try! I am not the end user. I talked to my costumer, and he received a report from Service support that board had to be changed and the adjustment was not possible. So, he is looking for a cheaper solution. Thanks Marcos

Mydata Package Database hints?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 09 15:26:15 EDT 2003 | CLampron

Good Afternoon, We have just comleted an in depth discussion about just this subject. We also have Mydata equipment and are facing the same problems. These are the conclusions that we came to: 1) Mydata has a formula for creating package names assu

SMT Parts kitting

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 13:35:32 EST 2011 | rgduval

We have recently taken to setting jobs up in BOM order. So, when the job is kitted (for turn-key jobs), or verified (for consigned jobs), the job is organized in either BOM order or in the order shown on the Components in Layout report printed from

Mydata TP11 25VDC+ Rail not working

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 19 18:26:30 EDT 2020 | damiendigilin

We just brought a used TP11 having some problems the computer will no longer boot as the 25VDC+ line was reporting over voltage at 31+VDC If we hit enable 25VDC+ on the power unit card it blows the 38+VDC Fuse F8.

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