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MyData tool damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 09:24:53 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

Well...here is what I can tell you: I have over $40K worth of bent A12,A13,A14 tools.Yes you heard me right $40K worth. (Since 1995) Mydata used to make a repair kit to fix them but decided to quit. They tell me the reason they quit making the kit i

MyData tool damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 10:55:12 EST 2005 | OverTheHill

WOW Sr.Tech, 40K worth of bent tools? I'm about ready to be sh*t canned because of 1K's worth. As for trimming the mags, the product is running fine (many boards) and then out of nowhere the tool bends, so I assume my PERFECT operators trimmed the ma

Mydata Hydra tool reference marks error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 01:02:16 EDT 2015 | armandogomez

Hello Had a similar problem way back with the hydra, first go to the service program manually activate the hydra camera then move the Xwagon to place the hydra ref plate over the hydra camera and check first if the camera works, second the image you

Mydata TP11

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 12:12:24 EDT 2005 | vikkaraja

HI there, I have a problem with my TP11 HYDRA HEAD. It is not picking up parts from the magazine. I have been working with Mydata on this issue, but I have not had much success so far. So far I done the followings:ran vaccum test, tube height, and H

Mydata Mount Tools

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 14:51:11 EST 2002 | edmentzer

The only time we had this problem was when the operator let the mount tool test position on the board be a mounting hole so the machine did not know where the board top was. You might want to check the mount tool position as a lot of PCB CAD people

Mydata - Level too high in pick

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 16:28:18 EDT 2012 | mikesewell

I'm somewhat frazzled by this one, not being too familiar with the MYs. Head is clean, tried different tools, same tool# from another MY, and have run the Centering Base Level Calibration to no avail. The component heights are correct and the par

Very fishy missing solder paste issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 16:08:34 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, I think the comment about the board height is because the MYDATA checks the board height each time it loads a tool so this is eliminated from being an issue because the machine knows the PCB height. I don't think it's so much what height the PCB

MYDATA - how to forse parts on Hydra head

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 11:28:45 EST 2016 | huske

Depends on the size of the elec cap and the nozzle set you have. But if you can pick it up, the wrinkle on the top of the cap can be a PIA. All you need to do is make sure the cap is being taken over the line-scan/hydra camera to center only (no mec

MyData Missing Placements

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 06:10:17 EDT 2007 | chrispy1963

I have read through the solutions the other techs have mentioned, however, I have a couple more thoughts to offer you when you have these kinds of problems. 1) If you are using a C14 tool it is a spring tool and thereby it utilizes the "Force Sensor

Mydata MY500

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 13:08:46 EDT 2012 | andydavis

We have a My500 at out plant. We are high volume and low to medium volume. It is a great machine and is a great solution to some problems that a conventional screen printer cant get around. For example, we have some producets that are not flat on

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