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MyData TWM

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 16:12:39 EST 2006 | ronhammer

Does anyone have any experience with a MyData Tray Wagon Magazine (TWM)? If so what do you do behind it for a conveyer? We received a TWM to test and it will not work with our conveyor system. MyData said to change to a different set of adjusting hol

MyData TWM

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 07:15:36 EST 2006 | avalancher

Ron, I'm not really sure exactly what you are trying to say. E-mail me: avalancher1973@hotmail.com

MyData TWM

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 09:06:30 EST 2006 | ronhammer

What I mean by it does not work is after I moved the brackets I have about 4.5 inches from the end of the TWM to the conveyor point. None of our conveyers fit there all our Conveyers have about 6 inches in the front on the conveyer. Is there a differ

MyData TWM

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 07:48:12 EST 2006 | avalancher

Hi Ron, The Tray Wagon magazine is designed to go on all the MYDATA machine types, and equipped options. When you have a conveyor system, you do need to mount it so that when the tray wagon goes all the way to the back, it does not hit the exte


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