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mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 00:21:54 EST 2014 | bren

I suddenly encountered this error F-AXIS-C/9 Error says Axis has unstable zero point. Any advise?

Mydata TP11 1995

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 05 12:01:17 EDT 2005 | blueflag

Thanks for reply we have found a blown fuse on the back plane for the mot-z pcb . But we now have problems with Z height, i am trying to auto-teach devices from the tray wagon (qfp etc) and it is not always lowering the nozzle to the component. i ha

Mydata TP11 1995

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 05:08:07 EDT 2005 | blueflag

New morning but still the same agro'. The story so far - Have checked the fuse on the back plane and it had blown again, changed it has been ok. Swapped the mot-z board around with piggyback mi card, no new other/moved problems. When doing base cente

Chinese Production SMT Machines???

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 03:13:20 EST 2018 | rob

Don't go down that route, Juki cut spares support a few years ago on these. Although bits are available from China, you do not want to be swapping used cards. They are both also dog slow in real life whatever you do to them. Especially a 760. We'r


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